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100 questions, set, answered and marked in a lesson

9 months ago, I set about designing a summative review of the substantive knowledge shared in lesson via a “BIG Quiz” that had been supported by retrieval practice routines throughout the term. Setting up the quiz itself, the question-answers for each round (in addition to writing the question-answer prompts). Of course, as with all classroom…
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24 Oct ’20 0

Learning in lockdown

Learning in lockdown: The Goldilocks dilemma of too much, too little home learning. Getting it just right for each individual Goldilocks is practically impossible. I will explain why briefly, before looking at some of the opportunities (as did Jose Picardo here) and constraints of learning in lockdown. Goldilocks Still (our surname) Here is “Goldilocks Still’s”…
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30 Apr ’20 0

Commitment and respect

As a teacher, I was always looking for inspiring narratives to challenge and inspire young people to be better, braver more determined. I curated a Youtube play list and created a “Challenge and Inspire” page on this blog some five years ago. I am still adding to that collection. Read any “stepping into headship” type article, book or howto, and communicating…
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24 Oct ’16 0

Adventurer or Voyager

This post has been baking in the thinking-oven for near  on a year now, following a 2015 TES post – Summer homework assignment went viral. The original assignment had many interesting challenges and a really good balance of creativity, reflection and education and back in August when I read about it, I save the article and put…
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20 Jul ’16 0

Inspirational speaker – Jay Young

This Friday’s Year 11 ‘Drive to the finish line’ assembly was led by an inspirational young man, former elite gymnast and aspiring stuntman, Jay Young. Just two years on, and following eleven months of gruelling physiotherapy, Jay is commanding the respect and attention of our Year 11 students. Not a whisper could be heard in the theatre as…
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28 Apr ’13 0

I love it when a plan…

…comes together. (Doo do do doooh, doo doo doooooh….) Take one regular lesson, on a regular Thursday, on a regular topic. Add a little Triptico magic, some fantastic, thoughtful, precise and quick witted questioning from a adventurous teacher and bam – there you have it, an Outstanding ‘lesson opening.’ Yes, it really is that easy…
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23 Feb ’13 0