Sourdough wish list

Sourdough wish list

Once home, it is almost time to bake. Be warned, after the aroma has filled your home, and you have enjoyed your own home-baked sourdough, it can very quickly become a passion.


  • a sterilised “starter” jar (straight-sided / wide-mouthed)
    • two elastic bands (helpful)
  • any mixing bowl (large enough to get your hands in)
  • mixing tool: wooden spoon, chopstick or spurtle
  • a clean tea towel to cover your dough (or a plaster shower cap)
  • £6-10 – a large digital kitchen scales – largest / long enough to be able to see the weight reading when a large mixing bowl is sitting upon them

Wish list:

  • £5 – a large mixing bowl, large enough to get your hands in
  • £2-20 – a large dough scraper, larger than you thought, as you will probably end up baking larger sourdough loaves
  • £15-20 – a banneton in which to prove your dough (a shape and size that fits inside your Dutch oven)
  • £5 – lame or scoring knife for scoring the sourdough
  • £3-5 – a water spritzer
  • £10 – sourdough loaf bag for when you “bake one, gift one.”
  • £3-4 – air tight containers, eg for flour and your 50:50 ‘starter’ flour mix
  • £5 – 50g scope for starter measures


  • A Dutch oven or casserole dish (a shape, size that fits your banneton, and don’t forget the weight)
  • a way to take the temperature of your sourdough
  • £1.85 per kg (or £26.50 for 25k) organic flour
  • £3-5 – fantastic artisan salt
  • £1 per strip – temperature sticker for your starter jar
  • dough fork – to burst any unwanted surface bubbles
  • a beautiful chopping board to present your sourdough
  • a robust bread knife (the dark, caramel crusts requires a ‘robust’ bread knife)

Organic bread flour may be best for your starter and organic bread flour or bread flour (12% protein) for your sourdough