Aspice Retro 07-08

Exam Results

After assessing students at Feb half term, we projected 19% of students would pass. After struggling to complete one and half units in an academic year, the full day holiday workshops paid dividends and we managed to increase the pass rate to 29%. We have appointed an experienced ICT teacher with expert level IT skills to take on KS3 and support curriculum development in KS4. This will be my first full academic year as Director of E Learning and there is a mountain to climb.

Aspice Porro 08-09


IT Services is to be supported by Class Technology Solutions.

Completed Projects

New Software 2009: Use of OneNote (yrs 9-11), Comic Life (moderate use) , ABTUTOR (continue to support development), AUP Informant (Very good) and Draw Plus (minimal success). Successful 08-09

Hampshire Grant for ‘Creating a Digital Leader Programme’ (The Digital Leaders are a real asset to the college and continue to contribute to the IT Development at Hamble College). Successful, grant received. Digital Leaders appointed 08 and 09. The focus has moved to leadership in the lower school Years 7-9.

Students as teacher CPD trainers, GEN Yes. Digital Leader training in progress. Staff CPD (Students continue to learn and tutor teachers how to use Moodle and have presented and covered a number of conferences this year). Successful.

Joomla Website – Investigating new plugins and modules. Now supporting SSP – School Sport Partnership. Now on its 2nd skin and update. Successful, ongoing, however whether to host on Linux or Windows Server still under debate.

Investigating a 1-2-1 learning solution, netbooks vs laptops vs edas. (Laptops for Learning Project starts in Sept 09 with the Lenovo S102).

OCR Curriculum Design – OCR curriculum design has moved to OneNote. Some real successes here. Students are able to draw the different Assessment Outcomes within a Unit together within the same document. However it will not be until next year, that students will be able to draw the different Units together within OneNote! Still in progress. Successful and ongoing. Nov 08. Onenote the product for all OCR Nationals coursework. It has had a significant impact evidence collection. More is completed, in less time and less is misplaced or lost.

Joomla Website – Live, I believe it looks professional. It still needs more staff and student contributions. Successful OCT 08. Re-build for new academic year.

Online registration. Successful Oct 08 Sims now available on every staff laptop.

College policies, AUPS. Successful Nov 08. I should share the AUP, it is part of every students start-up and must be accepted. Students have no response to not following rules. This has been significantly supported by the use of AB Tutor Classroom Management.  Sustainable Finance Policy – in progress. PCs are being managed, now looking to include a printer solution.

Planning September 08 start-up – poor start to the new term, but AUPs and students introduction completed. Still needs review. Lenovo accept responsibility and offer compensation. Impact on Netbooks and staff time. Lenovo communications still an issue.

Parental communication. OCT 08 Digital Policy still not written but RSS feeds and Download section now live from the Website. This includes all College letters and applications section. Newsletter to be available via Download saving over 20,000 photocopies.

Considering Studywiz as a LP. (Not sure here, most likely selecting Moodle.) Moodle.

Introduce mobile learning and wireless. Wireless installed Sept 08.

Implemented the first home study course for students and parents. Successful on two fronts, set up a temporary SCORM class via a free Moodle install. Successful Sept 08.

Remote access to all student accounts, includes both email and folders. Successful Oct 08

Preparing the New Curriculum combining ICT, PSHE and L2L. Now the responsibility of the new head of KS3. Some teething issues but started.

Appoint ICT specialist and source an IT Manager. Successful Sept 08

Implement IV procedures for briefs and marking. Successful Sept 08

Bring IT Management and ICT curriculum closer together. Successful – we now share adjacent offices and we have entered into an agreement with CTS to support IT management Oct 08

Electronic Room Booking and Helpdesk Successful Nov 08 – Both projects took longer than they should have done. These are simply installs. Librium is a suitable solution.

College Intranet Page Successful Nov 08

Classroom Management Software Oct 08 AB Tutor £130 per room, excellent.

Refit, restructure the physical learning environment. PCs, curtains, wall displays, chairs. ( PCs, curtains, wall display updates, chairs need ordering / restructure not financially viable.)

Incomplete Projects or Discarded

Introducing a range of learners and staff to blogs – Blogs have been difficult to get staff to take up and keep up. Still a learning tool, the website has taken on part of this role. Blogs for personal CPD have not been successful.

Becta Self Review, still not finished. I am embarrassed to say.

Write Digital Policies.

Digital policies 08 Still not written or shared with parents.

Raise the Staff self assessment levels of teachers and learning assistants and staff skills audit.

Reduce the College paper costs by more than the costs of the LP. – now part of printer feasibility study.

Engage more parents and regular feedback.

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