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Feedback for Coaching

This afternoon I have been considering the role of feedback in the coach-client relationship. The importance of feedback is central to coaching. It is outlined in the contract and central to the process, closing and evaluation of the coaching relationship. It may be used during a session, to close a session or at a suitable…
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19 Apr ’19 0

Know thy self

Originally I titled this post “Job application – know thy self’ was a mistake. True, it is particularly important to know your own strengths and areas for development when seeking a post, it is no less important when you are in post. Hence, I have corrected the title. Simply, knowing who you are is important,…
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15 Mar ’19 0

Purpose of feedback

The main purpose of feedback is to improve the student and not the work… – Dylan Wiliam I hold my hands up, I need to do better here.

24 Mar ’18 0

A different kind of hard truths

The first round of observations are either under way or out of the way. Feedback or coaching has presumably been issued or shared. There are other opportunities too, hiding in plain sight. And possibly, the #dontsmilebeforechristmas brigade, hyped-up and hyper-vigilant, are about to miss it too as the first term draws to a close. Student feedback is…
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4 Dec ’16 0

Whole class marking and feedback

What, drawn, and talk of workload? I hate the word, As I hate hell, all managers, and thee. Have at thee, coward! Teachers should not be goaded into unreasonable marking and feedback practice resulting in longer, unreasonable working hours. The wellbeing bells are ringing loud and clear. Marking with feedback can be easily over-empahsised (Teacher Workload…
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7 Nov ’16 0

Feedback and meta-cognition

Most recently we have released a Scheme of Learning form / template that presents a year plan, through to unit or lesson outline plan, which feeds either a lesson plan or Lesson Observation form. I was asked by a number of teaching colleagues to explain the inclusion of a “feedback / recap / relearn lesson”…
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24 Nov ’13 1