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More Quest at #SLWTC

Another opportunity to work with Alex Warren (@alexwarren) and introduce teachers to Quest at the #swltc technology conference! There is only so much you can share in one session, so I have uploaded the presentation, would recommend you visit textadventures.co.uk/ and the tutorials wiki for more idea. Any teachers that would like to contribute games or…
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4 Oct ’12 0

Quest at Games Britannia

There have been some very positive reviews of the Games Britannia event held in Rotehrham this week and numerous tweets filtering through. For those of you that drop in here for your Text Adventure fix, read about Alex Warrens (Quest developer) workshops here. If you are either an ICT teacher, computing teacher or even a Digital…
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5 Jul ’12 0

Thinking IF and language

Now, I know, you know, that I know, that IF has considerable educational potential but unless I leave my job and pursue the research full time I am going to find it tough get beyond the anecdotal evidence which I could bleat on about all day long. We have some time sampling data that shows specific…
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24 Jun ’12 0

Proving Pupil Progress

Proving Pupil Progress is a key focus at our school, especially within lessons. So this is how Quest can prove it, for you, in your lessons, within the game itself. Quest has a whole host of ways to display status updates. Setting questions, tasks and puzzles that require specialist knowledge has already been demonstrated by…
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10 Mar ’12 0

Atomic8 Promo

So, here is a final version, well I hope it’s the final version, with video footage and stills suitable / sufficient to be used as a clue prompts. Sent with IFTTT

1 Mar ’12 0

My Animoto Video

For the last few weeks I have been thinking through how we can make text adventures feedback to the players and make the games a platform for learning. Taking a few ideas I had experimented with in ‘LiL Red,’ I added a count down timer and room access dependant on the engineer colour or achievement…
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29 Feb ’12 0