Hat Tip to Dannii

Every once in a while you will see a blog post entitle ‘Why I blog.’ Reflection and conversation feature highly in these types of posts. Today, I replied to Dannii’s 2nd comment on Quest Rapid Fire. Dannii has been fantastically supportive and informative as well as challenging and opening up lines of investigation. This is the first time I have summarised a blog conversation as its own post, so Hat Tip to Dannii.

We have tried all kinds of playing modes – I like the mini groups in classroom with a forum mode best. Alabaster

The fun is to be had in the playing, not in the completing.

Now, that was not the case with the younger learners on Friday playing Escape from Byrons Bay. They were looking for in-game progress and feedback, and it is mostly certainly personal. They wanted most definitely wanted to beat the game and this is why I have been seeking an in game scorer and badging mode in Quest developer from Alex Warren. At Perins School (Year 7 11 yr olds), ‘Player progress’ was the one feature that really perked the students interest. Education really has taken adopted competition hasn’t it?

Anyone else care to chip in?

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