Home-baked sourdough

Home-baked sourdough

Discover how to home-bake nutritious and delicious sourdough.

“Get started: home-baked sourdough” is a three-hour hands-on workshop at the beautiful setting of Seahorse Bistro, Deacons Marina, Bursledon, Southampton. It is also going mobile. Why not bring the workshop to your kitchen and share a sourdough workshop with friends and family. Drop me an email and let’s discuss what is possible.

The sourdough starter course I attended was a delightful experience. Kristian, the instructor was highly informative and knowledgeable about the subject matter, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the course. The Bistro, owned and run by Sam was lovely, creating a pleasant and conducive learning environment. The small group of students fostered a friendly and interactive atmosphere, allowing for meaningful discussions and shared experiences. Which is continuing on a WhatsApp group set up by Sam and Kristian. It’s great not to feel alone once the class ended!

Overall, the course was well-structured and provided a comprehensive understanding of sourdough starter techniques. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the art of sourdough baking.



  • how three simple ingredients (flour, water and salt) combine to make amazingly nutritious and delicious home-baked sourdough
  • about the nutritional benefits of fermentation used in sourdough
  • how to grow, look after, store and troubleshoot your sourdough starter
  • how to mix sourdough
  • different ways to prove and bake your sourdough


  • the beautiful marina setting and the company of others
  • fresh home-baked sourdough with local produce

Leave with

  • a better understanding of sourdough
  • your own sourdough starter
  • your own sourdough loaf – ready to bake at home

Book or gift a workshop?

Simply book your place via Seahorsebistro.

The workshops are suitable for inexperienced or enthused home-bakers with little or no experience or anyone wanting to learn a new skill (ages 10-99).  

You need to bringWe provide
a sterilised “starter” jar
(straight-sided / wide-mouthed – recommended)
two elastic bands (helpful)
a large mixing bowl (large enough to get your hands in)
mixing tool: wooden spoon, chopstick or spurtle
a clean tea towel to cover your dough (or a plastic shower cap)
a warm welcome
large digital kitchen scales
dough scraper

Why sourdough?

Home-baked sourdough bread is nutritious, delicious and supports a healthier lifestyle:

  • The slow fermentation process of sourdough bread offers gut-friendly benefits and can lead to better digestion and promote healthy ageing
  • Sourdough has a lower glycemic index and glycemic load than yeast bread, helpful for keeping blood sugars in a healthy range

Exactly how healthy sourdough bread is for you depends on two main factors, the type of sourdough bread that you’re eating (eg wholegrain, wheat, rye and spelt flours all have a higher fibre content than white flour) and the second factor is you – your unique body type, age, sex and lifestyle.

Home-baking sourdough is a form of mindfulness. Baking sourdough is an ‘organoleptic‘ experience: It involves the use of all your senses. It offers an opportunity to lose yourself, to downshift, to be mindful, to escape. It is humble, rustic, basic food, ideal for sharing.

Home-baking sourdough builds habits. Long fermentation and the simple-complexity of sourdough baking requires scheduling, and yet also means you relinquish control of time and see the dough with your hands. There is a mindfulness and wellness benefit to home-baked sourdough.

Yes, baking bread is good for the soul… it teaches us to slow down and wait, then wait some more.