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Word Mania within Literacy Planet

I will keep this simple, here are my top five reasons to get involved with Word Mania 2017 (WM) and to review Literacy Planet (LP).   See for yourself – play Word Mania. Demo at the bottom of the page.   Set up time is exceptionally quick for Admins (all part of the service). Learner…
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9 Oct ’17 0

Good Authors for School Visits

Leading learning #LL14 was a positive experience for me personally. In addition to the mini-conference, the opportunity to see how another school starts its day, the expectations of students, how learning looks and feels (albeit fleeting) and the opportunity to talk to new colleagues, is always of value. We were based in the library, one…
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27 Apr ’14 0

Literacy stairs

Take an unloved, unnoticed space. Some colourful laminated subject key words and a can of carpet adhesive and you have a guerrilla display. Week one, first flight. Week two second flight. Week three? We are not sure if less is more. @KristianStill love the idea. Specificity would be a good one as kids can’t spell…
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6 Feb ’14 0

Decoding and Vocabulary

It’s called reading. It’s how people install software into their brains. So last week I asked Twitter what the key skills of reading were? DECODING – identifying written words to decipher a text. VOCABULARY – Geoff Barton continues to inspire me, his leadership and emphasis on the importance of whole-school literacy, not just reading, has…
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10 Nov ’13 0

Alan Wake – in the classroom (part 6)

In a perfect world I would have photographs and student testimonies to share with you how well the launch went. I am sorry to let you down. You will have to take my word for it and a few analytic snippets I can share with you. I trialled the course with two sets of students.…
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15 Aug ’13 0

XBOX Cabinet- on

Friday, with the first screen mounted, on 3D parts from the printer, we powered up. Here it is, first look at the 4 station, mobile xbox cabinet. Once the cabinet is finished, we will share the plans. Sent with IFTTT

7 Jul ’13 0