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ResearchEd NC21

Prepared the session on Successive Relearning. Early train. Met old friends, made digital acquaintances 3d. Met, enjoyed a coffee with, and laughed with a self-pronounced Research Legend Paul Kirchner and Kelly Furlough. Made new connections. Met the gentlemen from #morethanajob podcast. Learnt quite a bit. How could you not? It was am embarrassment of riches.…
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5 Sep ’21 0

Planning a scheme of work – workflow

Having drafted a five part series on curriculum planning and designing a flexible Teaching-Instruction Model (that accommodates my professional interest in Complex Adaptive Systems), I was asked if I could go through the steps I would take to plan a scheme of work as a sequence of meso-cycles as a class teacher. Converting the model…
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20 Aug ’21 0

Plans, macro-cycles and spirals (part 5)

So here it is, the first final draft. A model of sequenced teaching-instruction as “teach-assess-adapt” (accepting that there is more to teaching than that). The introduction of meso-cycles, along side macro (schemes of learning) and micro cycles (lesson(s)) and the differentiation of warm (for learning and practice) and cold (for verification of learning) assessments. Lastly,…
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16 Aug ’21 0

Plans, cycles and spirals (part 4)

The case has been made for backwards planning, assessment biased, responsive teaching. Now for Successive Relearning. Why Successive Relearning? Why RememberMore? Learning is rarely a one-shot affair. Single, isolated experiences seldom give birth to learning. What creates or shapes learning, is a sequence of events or experiences, each building on the effects of the previous…
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15 Aug ’21 0

Plans, meso-cycles and spirals (part 3)

Designing a the Meso-cycle As explained in part 1, the key determinant of a meso-cycle is that it is designed to accomplish a particular goal, here a cycle of Responsive Teaching. Second, meso-cycles are defined, in part, by school and curriculum factors, eg timetable / lesson allocation / length. For core subjects, 10 lessons is…
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14 Aug ’21 0

Plans, cycles and spirals (part 2)

Two months thinking, the model was now ready to share for a critical second opinion. Responsive Teaching – “relatively short teaching cycles with fortnight responsive teaching tasks (assessments) and whole class feedback lessons.” A bias towards the importance of assessment. Ausubel (1968) reference – know the learn, know what the learner already knows. The uncomfortable…
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13 Aug ’21 1