Knowing our students


Significant accountability*, curriculum and assessment reform is impacting upon our schools. There is barely pause for breath before adding careers guidance reform, the SEN Code of Practice, [breathe] pay and conditions reform is front with centre and capital funding rarely removed from the review / todo list. It is reassuring that government is engaging “closely…

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Okay, a very short post. It is late. It has been a busy week and I have just finished my #TLT14 Questions presentation. It is not polished, but it is packed with question ideas for colleagues to experiment with. Heading close to 100 way to questions and quiz students, I am…

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Student may not have access to a dictionary in every lesson, they almost always have access to their phones. Try Biscuit for both a dictionary and vocab trainer. “Crumbs! A dictionary and vocab trainer in one app. Useful.” Get definitions. Create your own vocabulary list and get vocab/word reminders or notifications. Think impromptu…

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