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Nearby Share

I have been keeping an eye on Android’s long awaited ‘Nearby Sharing.’ Then, this morning, a flurry of news reports and introduction video. Nearby Sharing, similar to, though decidedly less catchy than Apple’s AirDrop, Nearby Sharing allows Android devices to quickly share files and photos between devices in your vicinity both off and online. What…
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5 Aug ’20 0

Story speaker – interactive audio fiction

As an English teacher I was always looking for ways to get my students excited about reading and writing. Interactive fiction was one such experiment. I quite often revisit Zork or Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy or Lost Pig and the students always love it. Writing IF was a bit tricky however we had some successes…
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28 Jun ’20 0

Google Self-help

Looking at Google for Education. It is not all about the features and products. IMHO one of Google’s greatest strengths is the support. Or at least support of self-help. I have celebrated the hidden gem of all things G Suite. The little ? that hides in the bottom left corner of ‘most’ Google products. The…
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25 Jun ’20 0

The not so different ‘new’ normal

I am no futurist, however I get the sense that there is more opportunity or at least receptiveness to innovate given the extent to which our collective thinking around the potential of technology for working, schooling and learning has evolved. I maintain that the opportunity for schools and learning, proportionally, is relatively modest. If strategically…
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24 Jun ’20 0

Google.Meet – in development

Google for Education is evidence alone of the giants commitment to education. Google Meet is more a commitment to communication and video conferencing the most fiercely competitive arena. With both Microsoft and Google, and “best-in-show” competition. (Is a borrowed best-in-show outlining a product that does one thing, really really well.) Is the hefty development of…
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19 Jun ’20 0

Google.Chat – disrupter

Why have I / we not heard more about Google.Chat? Well, it is not part of the personal / free Google account that most of have experienced. However, Google for Education (or any business account) comes with Google.Chat and it has completely disrupted the way I work within G Suite. With Meet and Chat recently…
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17 Jun ’20 0