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We can do better for our teaching professionals

After commenting on the new teacher advert, teacher retention and recruitment remains a conversation I am invested in (and have been for a long time). September 2019 saw the STRB remit submitted by the Government with adjustments to teacher, unqualified teachers (£30,000 starting salary for teachers from September 2022) and school leaders, (within the bounds…
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23 Jan ’20 0

Trefoil 20.01.20

With the first meso cycle (10 x 50 minutes lessons) of the new scheme of learning completed, this is what I have learnt / been reminded of this term after assessing my Year 9 students first ‘control-conditions’ writing burst. The three for this trefoil: Reaffirming expectations, setting up the class and the exercise books, (sharing…
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18 Jan ’20 0

‘New’ Get into teaching advert

The new teacher advert has received mixed reviews. Some suggesting that the advert was “misleading.” Starting early was barely mentioned, yet leaving with the pupils, without marking, besmirched the credibility of the ad. (On the marking point, I have just double checked – he has got panniers on his bike.) Others took a different tact,…
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9 Jan ’20 0


The 17th caught up on me. I had forgotten that I had contributed to Mark Anderson’s neat Christmas #Appvent project. I was wondering why I was receiving a hatful of notifications… as I was sharing their feedback with 9b.

17 Dec ’19 0

Trefoil 15.12.19

Last trefoil, I had three strong candidates by Tuesday. This week was steadier. Again, my morning runs/podcasts delivered insight and provocation and I finished off with Y9B English – on top form! Trust comes on foot, but leaves on horseback. Sir Kevan Collins, soon to step down as chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)…
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15 Dec ’19 0

Twiselton’s tips

This is somewhat unexpected post. Somehow, I found mindself sharing personal productivity geek-tips with edu-tour-de-force Sam Twiselton (OBE Prof of Ed, Director of SIoE, Vice President CCT, Chair of DfE ITT Content Group Deputy Chair Doncaster OA, PFHEA FCCT.). With enthusiasm and appetite, Sam unashamedly devoured a four course serving, picking up a few interested…
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14 Dec ’19 0