1000 years of experience

1000 year old tree

Chris Chivers was, for a long time, a smiling avatar on Tweeter. A voice of common sense and thoughtful provocation, and I anticipate, persuasive prowess. Walking in opposite directions, down the corridor at #TLT14 (Southampton University) we paused and offered our, I-recognise-your-face-from-Twitter introductions. Chris smiled, we chatted and we went on with our conference. A few weeks ago Chris shared his ‘1000 years of experience’…

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Leading graded lesson observations part 2


We were moving forward with a fairly standard graded lesson observation form. The top section gathering the contextual information of the class/lesson and current progress of the pupils. The form was then divided into four key sections. “Learning and Progress1,” – what the pupils are learning and how thy are progressing over time, despite my own reservations of whether or not,…

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