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Self-assessment – yes and…

It is rarely a good start when, in the opening ten minutes, you read “Without exception, reviews of self-assessment (Sargeant, 2008; Brown and Harris, 2013; Panadero et al., 2016a) call for clearer definitions: What is self-assessment, and what is not?” A Critical Review of Research on Student Self-Assessment – Heidi L. Andrade (2019). Typically, I…
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22 Nov ’20 0
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The power of poetry

Teaching English at an inclusive, ethnically diverse school, presents the opportunity for rich, sensitive and empathetic discussion. After introducing the class to Bob Marley’s ‘Rat Race‘ students were challenged to take forward three of Marley’s songwriting devices (punctuation, repetition, local words) to write their own two stanza poem, exploring an issue important to them. As…
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15 Nov ’20 0

100 questions, set, answered and marked in a lesson

9 months ago, I set about designing a summative review of the substantive knowledge shared in lesson via a “BIG Quiz” that had been supported by retrieval practice routines throughout the term. Setting up the quiz itself, the question-answers for each round (in addition to writing the question-answer prompts). Of course, as with all classroom…
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24 Oct ’20 0

CRM – snowballing has had to take a back seat lately with the lions share of my spare time invested in (RM) and it’s fast and flexible co-pilot (CRM). Unsurprisingly this post is connected and charts five days exploring the faster retrieval routines. Monday: From introducing RememberMore, to the “Fast Approach” we moved to “Fast…
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9 Oct ’20 1

Retrieval practice elaboration

As you can expect, almost all my “spare time” is taken up with RememberMore so finding time to write has almost evaporated. But yesterday, something pretty neat occured in my Year 7 ‘A Story Like the Wind’ class that encouraged me to get back at the keyboard. Three weeks into the “new normal” term and…
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22 Sep ’20 0

New normal 2020

If I had a step count… The ‘new normal’ is largely more challenging. That is not to say there are no advantages, there are. Here are just a few of the adjustments I have read or heard teachers report to the media and those I am experiencing as a teacher and what the students are…
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