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Agentic Learning

There is always room for learning. At our OneSchool National Conference Sarah Martin, Foundation Principal of Stonefields School spoke twice at the event. First on building change momentum, enabling collaborative high functioning teams, future visioning and second on learning in a building with no classrooms. In the second presentation, I jotted down the term agentic learning, even though because…
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30 Mar ’18 0

Purpose of feedback

The main purpose of feedback is to improve the student and not the work… – Dylan Wiliam I hold my hands up, I need to do better here.

24 Mar ’18 0

‘Cos Jill Berry said so

I think a blog on each subject (or whichever ones you think are particularly interesting) would be good and might reach a wider audience. – Jill Berry There are few educators, people, I respect more than Jill Berry (Dr Jill Berry that is.) She is in that small group of educators, who “I aspire to…
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17 Mar ’18 2

Be internet awesome

To make the most of the internet, children need to make smart decisions. Be Internet Legends empowers younger children to use the web safely and wisely, so they can be confident explorers of the online world. Google Sunday and Mrs Still has to work. When you work from home, #snowdays means greater responsibility not less.…
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4 Mar ’18 0

Pitch, pace, challenge and motivation

For a while now, I have been wrestling with my own thoughts on the interaction challenge and motivation. In relfecting, I also considered the importance of pacing. Teaching is so messy, these three variants just the tip of the pedagogical iceberg. Explaining the relationship is difficult. Given the context I work in, there is a…
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27 Feb ’18 0

Half baked ideas

As I have said, Southern Rocks 2018 ate my homework spare time. My Feedly account was ladened with unread posts (circa 200). I had largely ignored this blog. I had initially thought that my own personal professional learning had, perhaps, stalled. Two weeks on and I am reconsidering that view. A number of professional conversations…
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15 Feb ’18 0