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15% failure rates

This post has been in draft for a few months now however prompted by @CatherineRusht2‘s mention of the “Goldilocks Principle” – I finished and posted it. Fortuitous indeed. You get the analogy. Just the “right” amount of difficulty – not too hard but also not too easy. A level of difficult is desirable because they…
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12 Jan ’22 0

Where retrieval practice meets CLT

“I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear” Act 2 Scene 3 It has been a while since I got behind the keyboard to blog. Following the positive reception to “Why and how we should be using retrieval practice and space learning,” I been working on the follow up. I was asked if I would expand…
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1 Jan ’22 0

Over at SecEd

Why and how we should be using retrieval practice and space learning Published: 01 December 2021 Retrieval practice alone is not enough. We must also consider spaced learning, interleaving, feedback and metacognition if we are to have an impact on the retention and transfer of knowledge and skills. Kristian Still looks at why we must use…
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1 Dec ’21 1

Pepper and salt questions

Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Had no questions been asked by those who laid the foundation for a field…the field would never have developed in the first place. Paul and Elder (2000) Is there a more important topic in teaching than what and how to question? [Imagine a long, thoughtful pause.]…
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13 Nov ’21 0

Flashcards with Charlie

This is a short but important post. On Wednesday I saw Charlie through the window. He was working 1-2-1 on his literacy. Charlie is in Year 4. He is a very important pupil to me. Every Friday, we meet and walk the field. We talk about hoovers, fountains and family. Charlies was working on his…
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4 Nov ’21 0

Do Now… or shall we think about it a little more?

Late on Saturday afternoon, and a Barry Smith (@BarryNSmith79) retweet, with a Sam Strickland sub tweet, passed through my timeline. As with much of Twitter, it is a passing moment, so I tentatively asked Barry if he could elaborate. And that he very kindly did. First a DM reply, followed by a short audio recording.…
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10 Oct ’21 0