A different kind of hard truths

The first round of observations are either under way or out of the way. Feedback or coaching has presumably been issued or shared. There are other opportunities too, hiding in plain sight. And possibly, the #dontsmilebeforechristmas brigade, hyped-up and hyper-vigilant, are about…..


Postcards with Spark

There is a truck load of posts and articles on the use of praise; when to praise, what to praise, tiered praise systems, public or private praise, the fragilities of praise and praise or feedback? With all that in mind,…..

Buttoned down

There is not too much to say. That is the point. What you do say, needs to be meaningful (easier said than done for a chatterbox like me). That is why, when you are not getting it quite right, you need…..


Whole class marking and feedback

What, drawn, and talk of workload? I hate the word, As I hate hell, all managers, and thee. Have at thee, coward! Teachers should not be goaded into unreasonable marking and feedback practice resulting in longer, unreasonable working hours. The wellbeing…..