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Mental health: ‘One student told me we’d kept him alive’

The past two-three month has been potted with former staff and students getting in touch. Any leader / teacher will tell you, these updates, however they arrive, are often very special, heart-warming and affirming. This update was all of that and also very different. So much so, I took it upon myself to use the…
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21 Jan ’19 0

Threshold concepts

The term ‘threshold concept’ has made an appearance in three teaching practice conversations this past week. Not a new education practice term, like Cognitive Load Theory, there has been interest in this construct for ten or more years, it is not as pervasive or currently as popular as Responsive Teaching for example. One suggests that…
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18 Jan ’19 0

Those small things again

Friday evening (Dec 14th) I fell into a conversation with a former teaching colleague via a Twitter follow that continued over the weekend. I am not going to sugar-coat it, the conversation that followed was the highlight of my day, possibly week and yet it was tinged with regret. A talented history teacher, Gemma moved away…
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6 Jan ’19 2


Time is a precious resource. When I started teaching, Tesco’s didn’t deliver and Amazon was a rainforest under threat, and all of my time belonged to me. Time was at my disposal. I had no personal commitments. I taught PE, coached for Southampton Academy (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays), played football (training Monday evenings…
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5 Jan ’19 1

Small gestures really make a difference

It is Christmas eve. We are soon to head out for “breakfast with Santa,” with our Southampton family / in-laws and the morning post has just arrived… It has been a very tough and wonderful weekend. Yesterday we visited my extended family in Eastbourne. It was great for all the children to get together, as they…
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24 Dec ’18 0

Is my teaching excellent? (part 2)

When I wrote part 1, I didn’t know there was going to be a part 2. However, here it is and it includes a subtle shift of emphasis. A shift from excellent or expert teachers, to excellent teaching. A shift towards adaptive and fluid experts. (Spoiler, there is also a part 3). From Berliner’s introduction…
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16 Dec ’18 0