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Ken Jones – News from nowhere

The #IOEDebates offers a rich vein of educational thinking. Panelists are dedicated experts within their education field. Hence the debates are often a level or two above a chance encounter, water-cooler conversation. Chaired by Professor Becky Francis, Director, UCL Institute of Education, What if… we re-designed our school testing and assessment system from scratch? brought Tim…
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1 Dec ’18 0

Leadership ladders

[Questioner] Where are you on the leadership ladder? [My response] Given my perspective on leadership – I am trying to be the ladder.

6 Nov ’18 0

Communication – intent, delivery and language

We all have areas for professional improvement. I have been refining how / what I view communication to be, conversations in particular, and how we / I communicate at school for the past year as a developmental opportunity taken from my “Moving at the Speed of Trust” . Firstly, communication has become a very conscious…
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26 Oct ’18 0

Performance Reviews – think again (part 2)

Two weeks in and school is starting to find a rhythm. One of the few things new staff can be grateful for is, that for the most part, they will have already agreed their contractual terms and therefore there is no need for a 2017-18 performance review closing review conversation. However, there will need to be…
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16 Sep ’18 0

Performance Reviews – think again (part 1)

Cards on the table. I am highly critical of triennial performance reviews, performance management, of any flavour that casts dark skies over many schools up and down the country. I have been banging my very little drum, as loudly as I possibly can, telling anyone who will listen that performance review and performance related pay (PRP)…
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15 Sep ’18 0

Why “belong”

It is always helpful for your perspective to be challenged. Yesterday I was asked about this blog, specifically the four defining words below “WELCOME” on the landing page. “Why ‘belong?’” and “Why does it feature first?” Many, if not most schools share defining taglines, others choose words, some both, few neither. Search “schools” AND “your…
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3 Sep ’18 1