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Deeper, cleaner, leader

For 18 months, communication (both sending and received messages) has been an area for professional development and investigation. In my mind, communication has now been separated into two actionable sending components; planned communication and conversations on-the-go and one receptive component, listening. Over the past eight months, communication has overlapped with growing interest in Coaching. It…
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26 Feb ’19 0

Threshold concepts

The term ‘threshold concept’ has made an appearance in three teaching practice conversations this past week. Not a new education practice term, like Cognitive Load Theory, there has been interest in this construct for ten or more years, it is not as pervasive or currently as popular as Responsive Teaching for example. One suggests that…
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18 Jan ’19 0

38% difference

There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven’t started wondering about yet. Old-Green-Grasshopper Time to read, write, reflect and connect-the-dots this past month has deepen my conviction that teaching and the leading the development of teachers is a messy business. Teacher development is informed, artful and responsive more than it…
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5 Jan ’19 0

Ken Jones – News from nowhere

The #IOEDebates offers a rich vein of educational thinking. Panelists are dedicated experts within their education field. Hence the debates are often a level or two above a chance encounter, water-cooler conversation. Chaired by Professor Becky Francis, Director, UCL Institute of Education, What if… we re-designed our school testing and assessment system from scratch? brought Tim…
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1 Dec ’18 0

No such thing as “extra-curricular”

We are all well aware that since becoming Ofsted’s chief inspector back in January 2017, Amanda Spielman made it clear that curriculum will be a key focus. Then in the next breadth, one expects to hear the terms, “breadth and balance.” The first phase was for Ofsted to investigate how much the new common inspection framework,…
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21 May ’18 0

nrocks18 sessions

We travelled up the night before, enjoyed staff time together and walked in beautiful sunshine to Leeds Beckett Campus. We soaked up the welcoming atmosphere (a little more familiar and established than Southern Rocks) before heading to the sports hall for the opening address. Again 200+ teachers and educations giving up the FA Cup and…
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19 May ’18 0