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How did I miss the importance of sleep to learning?

Given what I have learnt this week about about the importance of sleep to learning, to our well-being, it’s omission from past revision sessions and assemblies as a key strategy was a mistake. Here is why. The World Health Organisation is clear, the main effects of sleep deprivation include physical effects (sleepiness, fatigue, hypertension) cognitive…
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20 Oct ’19 0

What matters most?

I have, on occasions, referred to this blog as a “thinking-skip.” A space to transfer my thinking and thoughts for record or storage. A space to collect and curate thoughts/thinking, stories and extracts. Sometimes, I use it as a space to offload, to make thinking-space, with the intention of coming back to that thinking at…
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20 Sep ’19 0

Pausing for breath

I have to admit, although there has been little time to write and reflect, I haven’t prioritised time to write and reflect either. Here is a quick update, as I pause for breath before heading backing the England. I returned to Southampton in mid July after a first term in Dubai. Between packing up and…
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13 Sep ’19 2

Achievement-wellbeing trade-off

New research shows that there is little correlation between pupil happiness and their grade performance. That conclusion may seem counterintuitive to educationalists, that said, the report was written by an economist. The reports position is that on average, traditional, teacher-centred methods are more effective from a learning perspective than the progressive ‘child-centred’ teaching methods widely…
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16 Nov ’18 0

Leadership allsorts

Twitter and LinkedIn have been competing for my attention and if I am honest, LinkedIn is growing on me. This week I picked up a few gems from both platforms. Over on Twitter I was involved in a short conversation about Lesson Study prompted by Greg Ashman’s trimmed Dylan Wiliam’s quote “…any school leader that encourages…
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14 Aug ’18 0

Learning on the move

Learning, developing, refining, broadening my horizons, “staying current” is important to me. Time is precious, a finite resources and if I have learnt anything in my first two years of Headship, it is, how and with whom you choose to invest your time. The only other opportunity is to create time, by empowering those around you. For…
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10 Mar ’18 0