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A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor

To paraphrase steal John Tomsett’s opening blog line – have been a VP for just 3 terms and, at the age of 39, what I know about school leadership… is less than I have to learn about school leadership. Every leadership role is a unique combination of you, the job role, the school and it’s…
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29 May ’13 0

Drive time gems

The 100 minute drive time has thrown up a few gems recently. A little common sense, a little Carol Dweck, and a three pointer from Julius Irving. All bookmarked neatly on the Audible app. ’Goldilocks tasks’ – challenges that are not too hot and not too cold, neither overly difficult nor overly simple.” (p118) The problem with…
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25 Feb ’13 0

Solutions, and strange ideas

The solution only make sense once you understand the problem. Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down – Ray Bradbury Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right the first time – Tim Harford

28 Nov ’12 0

A jar of golf balls and two cups of coffee

Paul Benson dropped me a very kind tweet and email to say thank you for the CI Writing page. The Challenge and Inspire page is collection of stories, an odd mix of coaching, philosophy and life fables I have bumped into or read on my teaching career. I just read through your Challenge & Inspire examples and…
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22 Oct ’12 0

How to…

Every year, students across the country attend assemblies in their droves. Some are designed to inform and share school communications, some to celebrate student achievements or to inspire. But I was wondering how many students would attend assemblies if given the choice? Do we as educators sometimes miss the students level of engagement? Are the stories that we enjoying sharing with…
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25 Sep ’12 0

Thinking IF and language

Now, I know, you know, that I know, that IF has considerable educational potential but unless I leave my job and pursue the research full time I am going to find it tough get beyond the anecdotal evidence which I could bleat on about all day long. We have some time sampling data that shows specific…
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24 Jun ’12 0