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Our refined ‘why’

Post Southern Rocks 2018, David and I have refined our thinking for what Southern Rocks events should be about. We have refined our “why.” Part our reflections, part attendee feedback and part response to the excellent Teachwire post. Planning ‘engaging activities’ is a waste of time – and 6 more things we learnt at Southern…
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15 Feb ’18 0

Success and happiness

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – W.P. Kinsella

3 Jun ’17 0


I am sitting on my own in front the television in the living room. My laptop settled upon a cushion. I am spring cleaning today’s emails. The news reporter’s voice is clear, but his words are at the back of my consciousness. My wife is in the dining room. She is working. The voices talk of remembrance… highlight…
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16 Nov ’15 0

Can I get back to you on that one…

Teacher workload concerns are were headline issues. Something tells me that teachers are extremely busy doing the job (and more; Easter sessions, Saturday sessions, breakfast clubs, booster sessions, after school sessions), to keep it in the headlines. If you ever find yourself agreeing to do something that you had no interest in actually doing, then stop, pause and think…
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29 Apr ’15 0

A rather RACI #Edfest

Look, I will be brutally honest with you, there was very little that was raci “racey” about my #Educationfest though there was a good deal that was of value and two, as yet, unanswered questions. RACI was just an acronym I picked up and it made for a much more intriguing post title. The very…
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22 Jun ’14 0

Retrieval more important than revision

At the back end of January ‘10 I was reading the research findings by Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue. In a nutshell, Karpicke’s research shows that practising retrieval is an even more effective strategy than engaging in elaborative studying. Given that it is now fast approaching revision season, here it…
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18 Feb ’14 0