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Show your listening

Learning on the move reflected on how I used my commute and shared some of my favourite podcasts. This week the RSA delivered another fantastic hour of learning, this time with Daniel Coyle – The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups. Daniel Coyle is the New York Times bestselling author. I first bumped into Coyle when I read “Lance…
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12 Mar ’18 0

Pitch, pace, challenge and motivation

For a while now, I have been wrestling with my own thoughts on the interaction challenge and motivation. In relfecting, I also considered the importance of pacing. Teaching is so messy, these three variants just the tip of the pedagogical iceberg. Explaining the relationship is difficult. Given the context I work in, there is a…
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27 Feb ’18 0

This time last summer…

This time last summer, one of the final jobs I completed was to share a student summer challenge. It was my version of the TES post, that borrowed from an American teacher’s impassioned post. The following September I received a small photobook  from one of my students with twenty or so completed challenges. All that hard work and…
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22 Jul ’17 0

Driving to work with Gayle Allen

Like many, I drive to work in the morning. I leave before the traffic gets too heavy. I use the drive to think, reflect, plan and learn. Recently I have been driving to work with Gayle Allen. Not in person, obviously, but her Curious Minds podcast. Some people share their training runs, others their reading list,…
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18 Jul ’16 0

Learning Observations at 10 Months

Grading individual lessons has been an unhelpful distraction – 4 June 2014 By June, The Wellington Academy were one series into their non-graded, peer led, lesson learning observations performance review cycle. A further four months on, we have no intention of returning to grades. If anything, we may encourage greater distribution. The only addition will be the inclusion of…
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15 Oct ’15 0

Camp Google

Just a quick sign post. It is a long summer break is the USA. As the America teens are running out of enthusiasm for pretty much everything, Google has stepped up and this week released a virtual Camp Google (ending early August) aimed at children 7 to 10. It’s a stella backroom team; Khan Academy, the National Park…
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15 Jul ’15 0