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Faster feedback – more with less

Workflow does not get as much attention as workload. Of course, smart workflow, reduces workload, both important considerations for teachers and learners. Feedback is a perennial thorny issue, often discussed from a viewpoint of workload. I am going to review feedback from a viewpoint of workflow and share some ideas, reduce your workload, supporting teachers…
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2 May ’20 0


This is half a post really. I am just thinking through, “the thinking” behind two learning / revision tasks. It is a two step process – bare with me. I think you will find it is worth it. I think it is worth it. From my experience, students many of us love solving problems and…
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7 Feb ’20 3

Trefoil 24.11.19

Three short reflections First – if you are interested in the development of trust and discretionary effort with your organisation, I recommend Ted Interview with – Frances Frei. Francis is a professor at Harvard Business School and talks opening and candidly on workplace culture, expanding on her Ted Talk and why authenticity, logic and empathy…
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24 Nov ’19 0

Grease on the wheels

“Panda P” – a brain break game from Positive Education course I attended back in week 1 of my Dubai adventure, reappeared on a leadership training session last Sunday. It made my senior colleagues smile so here it is for you. Feel free to start you lesson with a useful retrieval task that will make…
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14 Jun ’19 0

Threshold concepts

The term ‘threshold concept’ has made an appearance in three teaching practice conversations this past week. Not a new education practice term, like Cognitive Load Theory, there has been interest in this construct for ten or more years, it is not as pervasive or currently as popular as Responsive Teaching for example. One suggests that…
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18 Jan ’19 0

Is my teaching excellent yet?

Expertise and excellence are regular talking points in our office. What does it look like? How does it feel? How do we develop it? How do we encourage / insist upon it. Last year we adopted this stance and, unashamedly stolen from Twitter, we posted Mark Enser’s poster in every classroom. It was an evolution…
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17 Nov ’18 0