Author: Kristian Still


300 words at a time

I can not tell you how long Dan Rockwell’s short posts have been appearing in my feed reader. It was before July 1st 2013, because that was the date Google officially put Google Reader out to pasture and he was with me back then. Dan’s output is incredible, even if you take into account that they…
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20 Aug ’18 0

Bridging the gap between research and practice

Every year thousands of research papers on teaching are published, some of which contradict each other. How can busy teachers know which research is worth investing time in reading and understanding? And how easily is that research translated into excellent practice in the classroom? What Does This Look Like In The Classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice That…
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19 Aug ’18 0

First lesson, new class

Early August States side, mid August, UK side, exam results aside, teachers are focusing on first lesson back with the new class. Where to start, what routines to establish. PGCE students are looking for a steer, established teachers looking for some fresh ideas and awarding teachers are pitching in. Please DO NOT go through rules…
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15 Aug ’18 0

Leadership allsorts

Twitter and LinkedIn have been competing for my attention and if I am honest, LinkedIn is growing on me. This week I picked up a few gems from both platforms. Over on Twitter I was involved in a short conversation about Lesson Study prompted by Greg Ashman’s trimmed Dylan Wiliam’s quote “…any school leader that encourages…
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14 Aug ’18 0

Has your communication landed?

As I continue to explore Complexity Theory and “trust” in school and school leadership, I have elevated the importance of communication within leadership outlook. In the past 12 months that has meant acting upon Kevin Flinn’s seminar and Patricia Shaw’s advice… Leadership – the art of convening conversations that might not happen  otherwise. – Patricia Shaw…
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12 Aug ’18 0

Final fortnight AAR

The penultimate and final week of the school year is always going to be an all encompassing and busy fortnight. The managerial focus requires school leaders to secure and deliver the celebratory events whilst also planning the summer works programme, results days and preparing for the new academic year. It is/was all to easy to get…
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9 Aug ’18 0