Author: Kristian Still


High-low books

English or literacy teachers, reading coaches, reading mentors, have you heard or stumbled across the phrase “high-low” reading books? I hadn’t. It is just what I am looking for, for our weekly your group reading / literacy lesson. This week I listed the four or five items that my pupil-readers had taught me and the…
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16 Feb ’20 0

Trefoil 16.02.20

When I made the commitment to spotlight three “lessons” or “highlights” from my weeks learning, I thought it would present a reasonable challenge. It rarely does. I’d been thinking about Primary education this past week when Swiggle passed my radar. Get your Swiggle on Swiggle is child-friendly search engine from the Online Safety experts at SWGfL…
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15 Feb ’20 0

Thinking about themes

Making the abstract, concrete with a thinking routine. Since teaching A Christmas Carol, I have been thinking about how to teach themes and share / track the evolution of themes within a text. How to make a relatively abstract concept,the interplay and undulation of themes, more concrete (at least accessible). Having previously presented or charted…
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9 Feb ’20 0


This is half a post really. I am just thinking through, “the thinking” behind two learning / revision tasks. It is a two step process – bare with me. I think you will find it is worth it. I think it is worth it. From my experience, students many of us love solving problems and…
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7 Feb ’20 2

Trefoil 09.02.20

Staff well-being I learnt that the first week in February is the peak for unexpected staff absences globally and Tuesdays the highest for unplanned leave (Friday the day where staff are least likely to be absent in case you were wondering). January (34%) and February (32%) the highest months, July (17%) and December (15%) the…
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7 Feb ’20 0

Trefoil 02.02.20

What is worth sharing this week? Assessment has been a focus this week. Making assessments accessible Variability between assessments In order to mark assessments accessible to students I have support create two tiers of assessment. In the second tier or ++ tier I have experimented with fill-in the blank introduction paragraphs, writing frames and vocabulary…
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2 Feb ’20 0