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Quick Jam anyone?

So you’ve settled into your lockdown #2 teaching and learning. You have taught the students and are you looking for some interaction and consolidation. Jamboard offers a variety of easy-to-use editing and annotation features – an online collaborative whiteboard for your online meeting or lesson. I mentioned it last year in lockdown #1 and here…
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20 Jan ’21 0

Remotely Shakespeare

A quick summary, a few ideas and the benefit of a testing some of these ideas with some of our fantastically committed students. I will try to be efficient with your time, if you want more detail, a quick DM will work. Remote teaching has the same ingredients with a slightly different bake. Let’s not…
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15 Jan ’21 0

A sense of ‘us’ and digital natives my arse

Remote or distance learning requires a little extra effort to create a sense of us. It also offers new opportunities. Essentially, when you boil it all down, I follow the same routine that I follow in the classroom. It is the same ingredients with a slightly different bake. Connect. Teach. Check Understanding. Assess. ReTeach. Cards…
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14 Jan ’21 0

More Bard in Lockdown

Culture clearly takes a hit in lockdown. That said, many creatives, get creative in response. As far the Bard, the appetite is insatiable. There has been social media vodcasts, online productions and the release and re-release of various productions. In lockdown, delivering remote learning, I was thinking how I might help our learners access the…
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13 Jan ’21 0

Live or pre-recorded lessons?

The debate is rife! The debate itself, is live and, at times, very public on social media and more privately, in teacher back channels and social media groups. What I found quite startling was the breadth of advice and recommendation, only occasionally punctuated with sage, insightful reflection. There was even international educators with far more…
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8 Jan ’21 0

What Not to Study?

As I have recently referenced, once through the voluminous research on Retrieval Practice and Success Relearning, you find yourself skirting the boundaries of Cognitive Psychology and “Making Retrospective Confidence Judgments Improves Learners’ Ability to Decide What Not to Study,” Robey, Dougherty, & Buttaccio, (2017) is a key paper to read if you have an interest in either…
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30 Dec ’20 0