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Tutor and INSET planner

Too often this academic year my colleague has had to redraft the tutor plan. In my role as lead for CPD, too …


Why SchooliP?

7 months ago I wrote an endorsement for SchooliP, about our first impressions of their product and shared that with the team. …


Shared SMSC Calendar

Right, so I have built SMSC calendar compiler in Excel. Simply add the dates, the category (SMSC) and the events in one …


A rather RACI #Edfest

Look, I will be brutally honest with you, there was very little that was raci “racey” about my #Educationfest though there was …

Leadership vision

Wellington Leadership Institute

Our invitation to our first leadership seminar shows benefits of being part of a “team.” The growing family of Wellington schools, now …

Making Sense of Data - overview

Data in schools – overview

During most half terms, I try and set aside a morning to update the “Making Sense of Data 0.9.6” booklet. Frustratingly, I …