Many faces

Our school organisation is leading a shift in our pedagogy. A three part model that includes an assignment frame, a taught or direct instruction frame and resource immersion. Given that a lot of information is shared via a learning platform I wanted to find a way to include more media. Back in 2014 Youtube’s revenue potential was being questioned. Now we have the rise of the Youtubers, channels, how to guides, analytic sites, law suits, and 25 billion dollars advertising revenue.

Our students are well accustomed to digesting media. So I started to look for ways to present learning in a more media friendly way.


Easy recording or animating. Files not too large so that they are easy to transfer. The output needed to be as good or better than just recording to camera. Facerig on the iOS met these requirements and offered a good selection of avatars.

This time last summer…

This time last summer, one of the final jobs I completed was to share a student summer challenge. It was my version of the TES post, that borrowed from an American teacher’s impassioned post.

The following September I received a small photobook  from one of my students with twenty or so completed challenges. All that hard work and adaptation was worth it.  See below for yourself.

This model took nearly a day to build.

This year our school organisation has introduced a soft skills programme – OneSchool Skills. We have mapped and relaunched the challenge programme to promote the skills and added one extra layer – Scout. Help yourself and adapt. The Adventure Fox animation can help explain the programme on the main school post.

Scout, Voyager and Adventurer?

Adobe webware

About this time every year, Freya (my daughter) and I create the Teaching and Learning Takeover promo. It is our small contribution to the excellent work of the TLT dynamic duo of David and Jen.

The Adobe Spark apps (Post, Page and Video) and webware are excellent; stocked with icons, images and sounds, templates, easy to create with and even easier to publish. I have shown my appreciation a few times previously.

The caption is wonky as we add the image and then school logo to a postcard template.

We add these to a word template, add our school logo and run them through the photocopier – help your self Postcard template. Adobe tell me there are more themes and features coming…

All Black Learning

It seems that I keep stumbling upon All Black Culture.

Te tīmatanga o te matauranga ko te wahangū, te wāhanga tuarua ko te whakarongo.

The first stage of learning is silence, the second stage is listening.