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Organisational _______________ (Blank) is where my think is at. Very much around the Complexity Theory and building and harnessing trust within it. Whether Coaching, culture, leading, developing leadership, communication, personal effectiveness, change management, systems, diversity or self-evaluation, the prominence of each component fluctuates. For the past month it has been almost all been about Coaching,…
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12 Feb ’19 0

Short termism

Twice this week I have spoken about the short termism in education and personal leadership development. How education is time-pressured and as a result we water the crown and not the roots. In both conversations, I have referred to the leaky boat dilemma. So here it is. When the boat is taking on water, bailing…
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11 Feb ’19 0

Psychological Safety

Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and author of The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation and Growth has spent her career trying to answer that question. What she’s learned is that organisations that prioritize psychological safety do it best. This is a relatively short Curious Minds podcast…
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7 Feb ’19 2

Buses and which Coaching and Mentoring course?

Things comes in threes. (Right @Leah_moo?) Like snow storms, keynoters stuck at the train station and lost room keys (the only room in the hotel with an old fashioned key). What about the Early Careers Framework (ECF), new NPQ qualifications and link to “Coaching for Success?“ Under the ECF new teachers will receive a structured,…
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6 Feb ’19 0

I was wrong about ‘teaching to the top’

It would seem that I have been wrong about a few things lately. Encouraging decent is so important within schools, as it is with any organisation. If staff do not feel psychologically safe, few will speak up, even fewer will speak out. Encouraged descent, is yet another organisational management theme connected to trust. Leaders don’t…
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5 Feb ’19 2

Children’s Mental Health Week

The shoes that lay outside St George’s Hall Liverpool represent the 226 children who lost their lives to suicide in 2017. It is a shocking and tragic visual representation to mark the start of Children’s Mental Health Week (4-10 Feb). For a teacher who recently reflected on their lack of awareness of mental health issues…
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5 Feb ’19 0