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Planning a scheme of work – workflow

Having drafted a five part series on curriculum planning and designing a flexible Teaching-Instruction Model (that accommodates my professional interest in Complex Adaptive Systems), I was asked if I could go through the steps I would take to plan a scheme of work as a sequence of meso-cycles as a class teacher. Converting the model…
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20 Aug ’21 0

Plans, cycles and spirals (part 4)

The case has been made for backwards planning, assessment biased, responsive teaching. Now for Successive Relearning. Why Successive Relearning? Why RememberMore? Learning is rarely a one-shot affair. Single, isolated experiences seldom give birth to learning. What creates or shapes learning, is a sequence of events or experiences, each building on the effects of the previous…
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15 Aug ’21 0

Plans, meso-cycles and spirals (part 3)

Designing a the Meso-cycle As explained in part 1, the key determinant of a meso-cycle is that it is designed to accomplish a particular goal, here a cycle of Responsive Teaching. Second, meso-cycles are defined, in part, by school and curriculum factors, eg timetable / lesson allocation / length. For core subjects, 10 lessons is…
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14 Aug ’21 0

Plans, cycles and spirals (part 2)

Two months thinking, the model was now ready to share for a critical second opinion. Responsive Teaching – “relatively short teaching cycles with fortnight responsive teaching tasks (assessments) and whole class feedback lessons.” A bias towards the importance of assessment. Ausubel (1968) reference – know the learn, know what the learner already knows. The uncomfortable…
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13 Aug ’21 1

An overview: Plans, cycles and spirals

I have spent far, far too long on this series of posts and I have @davidErogers (and Paul Blake before him) to thank for that. When we worked together, in his office, above his desk, David would build oversized teaching and learning models. Prominently displayed, directly opposite the door as you entered, the model would…
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11 Aug ’21 2
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Planning is over-rated? Discuss

So I was asked to discuss “Planning is over-rated.” For the most part, is not over-rated. As Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott’s South pole expedition teams will attest. However planning becomes less critical with both experience and expertise. Somewhat counter-intuitively, planning becomes a less critical as environments become more uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Environments such as…
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