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Classroom RM – Story Like the Wind

Hats-off to all those school leaders that have ensured that schools open and operate as effectively as foreseeably possible. Hats-off to all those returning teachers adjusting to the new normal. Hats-off to the students who have played their part. If social media was anything to go by, many teachers had invested a great deal into…
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6 Sep ’20 0

The start is the wrong place to begin

Having summarised the lockdown learning dilemma we are experiencing now, my attention turned to the DfE’s “tech giants” and EdTech Demonstrators Programme what tomorrow may look like. So part II of Learning in lockdown so to speak. Whilst I am a edtech enthusiast, I do not see a post-lockdown edtech revolution. “Two years growth in two…
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1 May ’20 1

Scott vs Amundsen

Stories – foundations for assemblies. Victory awaits him who has everything in order – luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck. Roald Amundsen The Race to the South Pole: Scott vs Amundsen Two leaders. Two expeditions. Two separate routes. Two different…
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14 Apr ’20 0

Curriculum planning and sequencing

I am beginning to conceive curriculum execution as two-step process. Planning what to teach (planning with the end in mind), then sequencing what has been planned. Though ‘planning’ is essential, ‘plans’ can be constraining when learning goes on an edventure (where a lesson goes off-piste and has value). This thinking was consolidated when I reviewed…
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2 Apr ’20 0

The character of

Part of the reason for blogging is to clarify one’s thinking. Behind this post, making abstract themes – concrete, Stuart Pryke’s analytical verbs and “the character of Othello”, faultless communication, my professional interest in Coaching and the pupils final assessment on the presentation of Othello. Here are the constraints. It is reading into writing. A…
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14 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 16.02.20

When I made the commitment to spotlight three “lessons” or “highlights” from my weeks learning, I thought it would present a reasonable challenge. It rarely does. I’d been thinking about Primary education this past week when Swiggle passed my radar. Get your Swiggle on Swiggle is child-friendly search engine from the Online Safety experts at SWGfL…
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15 Feb ’20 0