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Trefoil 20.01.20

With the first meso cycle (10 x 50 minutes lessons) of the new scheme of learning completed, this is what I have learnt / been reminded of this term after assessing my Year 9 students first ‘control-conditions’ writing burst. The three for this trefoil: Reaffirming expectations, setting up the class and the exercise books, (sharing…
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18 Jan ’20 0


Organisational _______________ (Blank) is where my think is at. Very much around the Complexity Theory and building and harnessing trust within it. Whether Coaching, culture, leading, developing leadership, communication, personal effectiveness, change management, systems, diversity or self-evaluation, the prominence of each component fluctuates. For the past month it has been almost all been about Coaching,…
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12 Feb ’19 0

Frogs and posteriorties (part 2a)

For term, I had been reaping the benefits of a 4:45am start. Gained time from a shortened commute, health benefits from a daily 5 key run, a more conscious diet, improved sleep cycle,whilst enjoying the beauty and solace of the sunrise over Devil’s Punchbowl.  David Rogers (DHT and trusted colleague) often discuss the “state of…
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20 Jan ’19 1

Final fortnight AAR

The penultimate and final week of the school year is always going to be an all encompassing and busy fortnight. The managerial focus requires school leaders to secure and deliver the celebratory events whilst also planning the summer works programme, results days and preparing for the new academic year. It is/was all to easy to get…
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9 Aug ’18 0

Coloured folders

I am now thinking two roles, my current role as Assistant Vice Principal (Progression and Achievement) and a new role (starting in Jan) Vice Principal (Teaching and Learning). I have folders for both role, in addition to all the ususal teaching folders. I was looking for a quick and easy was to define the folders and…
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31 Oct ’12 0

Lesson Plans, Maps, Journeys

A rather busy week has meant I was sifting through a ladened Google Reader. For the most part it is a headline filtering although I find myself clicking through, digging deeper into more posts these days. This weekend a ‘lesson planning’ theme caught my attention (here and here) after my mid week, thoughtfully planned (barely)…
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1 Jul ’12 0