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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018

Andrew Hall’s weekly safeguarding briefing is essential reading for both myself and the DSL. It covers the key statutory information but also offers timely reminders the promote safeguarding in school throughout the year. This week Andrew shared a summary video of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018. It is simple, clear and informative advice. I…
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22 May ’18 0

Retention and recruitment – performance review

Teaching is messy, complex, creative. More a la carte, than fast food. I take the stance that vast majority of teachers have made a personal and decisive decision to be educators. Anecdotally, often because of the wonderful teachers they encountered. Occasionally in spite of their teachers. Because they themselves were successful at the game of…
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8 Apr ’18 0

Values, action, snow

On Tuesday evening, news of a random of kindness passed by on my timeline. A hat, scarf and label, left on post together with a note, for someone that needed it. Not only was I struck by the kindness shown in the donation, but by the way that this person was enabling someone to, in…
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2 Mar ’18 0

Winter term and the 400m

The winter term is much like a 400m race. It is exceedingly difficult to make up for a poor start (though not an unforgiving as the 100m). There is the need to maintain and control your speed. Teachers can’t afford to rely on the anaerobic system alone, you can not power your way through til mid December…
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23 Dec ’17 0


Oct 21st – Schools Week published Karen Wespieser’s “Why is the good cpd always on the weekend?” An article that Karen noted had reignited the debate on weekend CPD. With an open door, here is my two cents. I think Karen may have under egged the pudding and I wrote to her to say so,…
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19 Nov ’17 0

Complexity in school leadership #3

This morning I am reflecting on a years journey, as a member of Canon Teaching School Alliance’s – ‘Working with Complexity in School Leadership’. An investment of six Saturday mornings, over 12+ months, with six participants, spanning a summer break, which I think was well worth the effort. Each session included a session speaker from…
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13 Nov ’17 0