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Short termism

Twice this week I have spoken about the short termism in education and personal leadership development. How education is time-pressured and as a result we water the crown and not the roots. In both conversations, I have referred to the leaky boat dilemma. So here it is. When the boat is taking on water, bailing…
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11 Feb ’19 0

ADKAR® – Change Management (part 1)

The data are abundantly clear. The better we apply change management, the more likely we are to meet project objectives. – ProSci No surprises there then. In fact, initiatives with excellent change management are 6x more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management. 5x more likely to stay on or ahead of schedule and…
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22 Jan ’19 0

Why SchooliP?

7 months ago I wrote an endorsement for SchooliP, about our first impressions of their product and shared that with the team. Back in early December we had invested approximately 30 hours of staff time getting to know SchooliP and we could already begin to forecast its value to our organisation; lesson observations – definitely,…
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24 Jun ’14 0

School funding reform

Last time I checked, ‘School funding – for Dummies’ was not an Amazon best seller. Truth is, I didn’t check. Apart from school leaders and school business managers, who has an interest in school funding (not even all school leaders are interested, that is what they have school business managers for.) The Dummies guide will…
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22 Apr ’14 0

RSS Junkie #sltchat delivered

I am, and have been for a long time an RSS feed junkie (even my colleagues make fun of my addiction). On a more serious note, it means that all the information I need, personalised professional development is delivered to me (to you, to you phone / email inbox). Most sites have RSS feeds, the…
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17 Apr ’14 3

Data Wall – EM

The data display I have referred to most often recently is our Data Wall. It is far from complicated on the surface to understand, though there is plenty of Excel wizardry behind the scenes to make it work. Both the hard graft and the design is the work of Jon Adams, our Director of Assessment,…
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3 Apr ’14 7