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Seeking partnership

RememberMore is an agile, three part, integrated and adaptive Spaced Retrieval Practice learning system that uses cognitive science principles to accelerate the learners’ time to competency and knowledge mastery, and help learners retain that knowledge for longer. We are looking to partner with a school or trust – looking to improve student outcomes whilst at…
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15 Nov ’20 0

Cloud busting in lockdown

In accessible language. Do we move to the cloud? Can your system take the strain? Does your school or organisation have any emotional and professional capacity available, to take advantage of this unique, time sensitive opportunity whilst the momentum is with you? Time to reconsider on-premise services. MAT CEO’s, School Leaders, federated schools, charities leaders,…
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14 Jun ’20 0

How accurate are teacher forecast grades?

Basic in 2012, I invested a lot of time researching forecasting pupil performance. Specifically CATs and FFT. In 2015, as part of our Improvement Strategy we wanted to feedback to Heads of Department on their prediction accuracy – on a “optimism-pessimism” scale and designed an assessment tool. Very simplistically, as you can see, variance of…
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31 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 15.12.19

Last trefoil, I had three strong candidates by Tuesday. This week was steadier. Again, my morning runs/podcasts delivered insight and provocation and I finished off with Y9B English – on top form! Trust comes on foot, but leaves on horseback. Sir Kevan Collins, soon to step down as chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)…
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15 Dec ’19 0

Sunday trefoil 13.10.19

I am sticking to my Sunday trefoil. Three learning, reflective moments from the past week worth sharing. This week, monstrous world records, school improvement top ten and #BrewEd signpost. There is an assembly in there somewhere. Self-discipline for sure. Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon mark by 20 seconds this weekend! Okay, not officially, but…
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13 Oct ’19 0

Drive to the finish line

GCSE exams typically begin around the second week in May 2019. Whatever your standpoint on booster sessions or Easter revision programmes, do whatever “little extra” it is that you do. Me, I find interesting stories and I write assembly. Shortly after I joined The Wellington Academy in January 2013, I was asked told to lead…
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27 Mar ’19 0