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thinTHINKINGking – forecasting performance

Metacogniton has been an area of professional interest following a morning conversation with Professor Daniel Muijs at Embley Hampshire in 2018. It was about the time the EEF release the Metacogition and Self Regulated Learning Guidence Report. More recently the EEF published the Metacognition and Self Regulation: Evidence Review (May 2020). I remain interested in…
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18 Jul ’21 1

100 questions, set, answered and marked in a lesson

9 months ago, I set about designing a summative review of the substantive knowledge shared in lesson via a “BIG Quiz” that had been supported by retrieval practice routines throughout the term. Setting up the quiz itself, the question-answers for each round (in addition to writing the question-answer prompts). Of course, as with all classroom…
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24 Oct ’20 0

CRM – snowballing has had to take a back seat lately with the lions share of my spare time invested in (RM) and it’s fast and flexible co-pilot (CRM). Unsurprisingly this post is connected and charts five days exploring the faster retrieval routines. Monday: From introducing RememberMore, to the “Fast Approach” we moved to “Fast…
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9 Oct ’20 1

Getting Started with Google Classroom

So I am presuming that you will do what pretty much most teachers do (and students for that matter). What I did too. You typed “getting started with Google classroom” in the search bar and followed the links. You then either watched and / or read about building your first Google Classroom. There is a…
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22 May ’20 0

DIY scratch cards

Such a simple and fun idea from @missbligh_y3 it was worthy capturing and sharing. DIY scratch cards made with a template, laminated, with a scratch-patch sticker from Amazon.  Rewards including achievement points, sitting with friends, golden time, cushion for the day. Fairly basic but they love it. I am sure they do! In the spirit…
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25 Apr ’20 0

Scott vs Amundsen

Stories – foundations for assemblies. Victory awaits him who has everything in order – luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck. Roald Amundsen The Race to the South Pole: Scott vs Amundsen Two leaders. Two expeditions. Two separate routes. Two different…
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14 Apr ’20 0