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The not so secret teacher

I have bemoaned with The Guardian Twitter handle that the over riding outlook to the “Secret Teacher” blog is cloudy with a good chance of rain. Read the header and you are asked if you have an idea for an anonymous blog about the “trials, tribulations and frustrations of school life?” Up until last night, I…
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18 Feb ’16 0

Greg Henderson # peaceofmind

I have been in awe of the Tour de France (Tour de Force) ever since I read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography. It’s Not About the Bike became the pre, pre-season reading for our college footballers (SIUE) leaving them little excuse to complain during our own double season pre-season, cold at the track in the morning, sweltering in the…
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9 Jul ’15 0

Stolen from Primary

As with all schools, we are keen to show to acknowledge and celebrate those pupils that demonstrate an exemplary attitude to their learning. A Principal’s lunch, celebration assemblies and tutor awards form part of our termly recognition programme, plus we display their learning band on their reports to parents termly. This term we added a very…
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2 Jun ’15 0

Outperforming Team

Outperformance: the ability of an organisation to achieve results that are consistently better than a chosen peer group. The are no shortage of Sir Dave Brailsford MBA, CBE, fans. His ‘marginal gains*’ approach to leading success is simply unpicked in  this ‘Investors in People’ article. Well worth any aspiring leaders time. 1. Recruit the best people. Brailsford…
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20 Apr ’15 0


QuickKey marks up to thirty multiple choice questions in a “beep.”  Okay, I exaggerate, in just under three seconds (in good light). Their strap line could be ‘Quiz. Scan. Analyse.’ Upload a class list (csv import). Create the class. Design the quiz, or rather simply denote the answer key via the QuickKey dashboard. Assign the…
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2 Oct ’14 2

Final assembly 2014 thoughts

Is that time of year again. Preparing the Y11 leavers assembly. I’m thinking about the advice we have shared with students up until this point and the supportive words that would help them drive to the finish line. Words that were unique to this group. Don’t put your wishbone where your backbone should be. Chase…
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11 May ’14 0