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Google Workspace – looking ahead

A fast and focused look ahead to what school leaders, teaching and learning leads and teachers need to know in Google Workspaces. Let’s try and keep this simple. Free (Fundamentals) and Paid Standard $3 per student / year Upgrade $4 per licence / month (opt in) Plus $5 per students / year Otherwise here is…
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13 Mar ’21 0

Google for Education, efficiencies, architecture, mountain bikes and clean language

Apologies for the long title. Yesterday I had a meeting with Jamie Smith @CloudBusiness9 from C Learning to discuss Google for Education for a small soft federation of schools (one Secondary and six Primary Schools). The aim of the meeting was to ensure the transformation project was built upon secure footings that enabled future dexterity…
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3 Jul ’20 0

Innovation recipe

Take four parts disruption (Co-vid) and one part available tech to make your base – Remote learning (heavily browser based). Add a ubiquitous ‘social good’ – Education. Now take a healthy splash of innovation (hundreds, thousands of teachers reflecting on the puzzle on home learning and flipped-styled content) and good dose on urgency (tech giants…
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20 Jun ’20 0

Get unstuck. Learn better.

Teach a man how to fish… Two of the differences for home learning, remote learning, learning in lockdown, is knowing where to find accurate and reliable information and how to get unstuck when access to your teacher is constrained. Teachers setting distance or remote work are well advised to offer more comprehensive, more precise instructions…
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7 Jun ’20 0

Google Classroom – Mr Rogers Rocks

I can not take credit for coming up with the idea of animated Google Classroom banner or #GIF (animate image file). #Hattip to Amit @labnol, creator of Talltweets and blogger at Digital Inspiration. Right, “animated Google Classroom Header.” There are more than a few tutorials, including Amit’s, so here is a super lite-weight tutorial and…
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23 May ’20 0

Google Meetings Extensions

Having now taught four remote lessons with Google Meeting – I was missing a few teaching tools. Grid View along side Google’s Gallery view – allows you to see all of your attendees. Nod – Reactions to Google Meet plus the very useful hands-up. All attendees need the extension installed. Push to Talk – Hold…
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22 May ’20 0