Google Workspace – looking ahead
Google Workspace – looking ahead

Google Workspace – looking ahead

A fast and focused look ahead to what school leaders, teaching and learning leads and teachers need to know in Google Workspaces.

Let’s try and keep this simple. Free (Fundamentals) and Paid

  • Standard $3 per student / year
  • Upgrade $4 per licence / month (opt in)
  • Plus $5 per students / year

Otherwise here is the full chart.

Fundamentals (everyone)

Coming soon ie new academic year

  • Google Forms now save part completed forms for 30 days. – Workspace
  • Track changes in Jamboard – Workspace
  • Citations on Docs improved – Workspace
  • New languages for auto-correct and turn it off (Literacy) – Workspace
  • CS First – A computer Science platform is now baked in
  • Student engagement tracking – Classroom
  • Originality report – Classroom
  • Rich text in Classroom – Classroom
  • Classroom available offline (syncing) – Classroom
  • Photo attachments (mobile first) – Classroom
  • Grading on mobile devices – Classroom

Will Meets still have the allure?

New Admin controls. End Meetings for everyone, Mute all, non-verbal feedback.

Education Plus

Why might you look to move your staff to Education Plus?

  • Workflow “Document Approvals.” Live Beta now – Workspace
  • Sync Classroom with your MIS – Classroom
  • Integrate Classroom add-ons – Classroom
  • Meetings for 250, Live streams, Premium Google Meet features, Q/A, polls, breakout rooms, nose cancellation… Classroom add-ons, originality reports.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade $4 per licence / month (opt in)

Why / who might you move to the Upgrade licence? This license provides advanced video communication capabilities.

  • Breakout rooms scheduling – Meets
  • Transcripts of Meets – Meets

To save your time and effort – all the “Google for Education Product Training Series” can be found here and the Fried.Tech’s Slides with very handy GIFs.

Google Workspace for Education partners can provision 60 day trials – up to 50 licences. Teaching and learning cluster? Try before you buy.

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