Hard truths


Leading is most certainly an uneven path. Tonight I heard Sam Alladyce and others) outline his readiness for the National job. “Hardened,” was the adjective predetermined and delivered to the sharp toothed journalists.  New school leaders such as myself are not hardened. Or at least not readied or hardened enough by the experiences leading to headship. Hence I share this .... Read more and bookmark.

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Adventurer or Voyager


This post has been baking in the thinking-oven for near  on a year now, following a 2015 TES post – Summer homework assignment went viral. The original assignment had many interesting challenges and a really good balance of creativity, reflection and education and back in August when I read about it, I save the article and put a challenge reminder in for a week before the broke up for .... Read more and bookmark.

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Driving to work with Gayle Allen


Like many, I drive to work in the morning. I leave before the traffic gets too heavy. I use the drive to think, reflect, plan and learn. Recently I have been driving to work with Gayle Allen. Not in person, obviously, but her Curious Minds podcast. Some people share their training runs, others their reading list, some their dinner plate, I shared my morning commute podcast – it .... Read more and bookmark.

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#TLT16 – Performance management, review, recognition or reward?


Building upon the huge success of 2013, 2014 and 2015, #TLT16 returns to the University of Southampton on Saturday 15th October 2016. IMHO this event is one the very best professional learning opportunities available, last year it was a privilege to be one of 350 teachers and school leaders working at the rock-face, sharing their experiences, successful and frailties. This year tickets again .... Read more and bookmark.

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