There is more to MCQs than you think

I have been growing more interested in Multiple-choice Questions or (MCQs). It started off as a QuickKey interest but it has become much more than that. If I thought I might be a edugeek, this pretty much confirms it. An unhealthy interest in assessment and MCQs is unlikely to make me a highly sought after dinner guest. Reassuringly, I am not the only MCQ enthusiast. Exams watchdog Ofqual .... Read more and bookmark.



Okay, a very short post. It is late. It has been a busy week and I have just finished my #TLT14 Questions presentation. It is not polished, but it is packed with question ideas for colleagues to experiment with. Heading close to 100 way to questions and quiz students, I am pretty pleased with this piece of work. Grab a copy here. .... Read more and bookmark.


Re-drafting is getting it done right

  I am still stuck in an assessment rut. Stuck and content to be thinking about assessment. I wrote this post a good three weeks ago and trying to sign off this thinking behind it. Expecting students to “draft” their work and “submit a final copy” is preparing students for the real world. If it is not your best work, then its note ready to be submitted. Allowing .... Read more and bookmark.



Student may not have access to a dictionary in every lesson, they almost always have access to their phones. Try Biscuit for both a dictionary and vocab trainer. “Crumbs! A dictionary and vocab trainer in one app. Useful.” Get definitions. Create your own vocabulary list and get vocab/word reminders or notifications. Think impromptu flashcards. Apparently you can also .... Read more and bookmark.


Knowing that you don’t know something

Each exam boards provides a variety of exams analysis tools that help teachers identify the questions / topics / skills in which students excelled/fell short in.  These tools also provide valuable comparative information on the performance of your students / classes / cohorts on individual questions when compared to AQA/Edexcel/OCR/WJEC national averages. Unfortunately, much like an .... Read more and bookmark.