World Teacher Day


I not sure how, or when, I stumbled upon World Teacher Day. With five schools, here and in China, I took it as an opportunity to connect the Wellington Family of Schools and to celebrate and thank our staff. Cressida Henderson (Assistant Headteacher at Wellington College) and I discussed a range of opportunities to celebrate / thank our staff and we agreed messages from pupils were more .... Read more and bookmark.

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Safeguarding and child protection


Safeguarding, SEND and personalized provision remains a professional learning focus. Working with both our Senior Student Welfare Officer and Director of Personalised Learning, I am beginning to develop a wider appreciation of the incredibly important work they undertake. Next week I am visiting an Alternative Provision provider. What I have I learnt so far?  Safeguarding and child .... Read more and bookmark.

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Who is the man behind the machine?


I would like to publically thank Sara Spivey, Headteacher at Springfield School. The week following an unsuccessful the interview this summer term, Sara afforded me the time to offer sincere honest, challenging, supportive and evidenced feedback. That feedback has had time to percolate, I have had time to consider her viewpoint to which I am now trying to apply myself. It was important .... Read more and bookmark.

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