Professional Development – looking ahead


Before the academic year comes to a close, I am already starting to think about next year… I was desperately disappointed to miss #Edfest15 this year and have already had to decline an invitation from the wonderful Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) booked Ofqual meeting. With those two loses in mind, I am determined to make a better effort with my calendaring. I went in search of Professional .... Read more and bookmark.

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Future of Education – Ofsted

Shorter Inspection

Ofsted are telling us this morning that they have learnt a great deal from their 80+ pilot studies. They tell us that they have learnt some key lessons. However, when I read the four key points below, I wonder why they did not learn these lessons from the hundreds of inspections conducted previously? Lessons we learned from the pilots: Overriding emphasis on leadership and its .... Read more and bookmark.

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Good, and better than good


I am here in Portsmouth, listening to Sir Robin (Regional Director, South East and also currently Director, Quality and Training). I listened to Robin outline the need for “honest, challenging and professional dialogue.” Conversations that will clearly emphasise leadership. Have the leaders got a grip on their institution? Do they communicative their strategy for raising .... Read more and bookmark.

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It was right there all along


Everything you were looking for was right there all along. A year without lesson observation grades seems a long time, in reality we have not even completed one Performance Review (PR) cycle. Most of my investment and preparation for the move to ungraded lessons was with HR, behind the scenes work, the redesign our PR, updating the Pay Policy and preparations for how we were planning to .... Read more and bookmark.

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