New for 2017
Two terms A year into the role of Headteacher, I have learnt more than I had expected. It is a real privilege to have responsibility for a school, it's staff and students (equal first). I write...
Cultural capital
A continuing line for leadership enquiry - how school leaders develop cultural capital, through promoting Character Education, our Values and virtues within a school to staff, students and parents and our stakeholder community.. Students in Years...
Staff performance
Each year I research and tackle an education issue to refine and broaden my thinking. Back in 2014, I started investigating the negative consequences of graded lesson observations as a contributing measure to Performance Related...
About Me
I don't wish to waste your time, so let's cover the essentials. My Linkedin profile provides a professional overview, experience, qualifications, honours, awards and endorsements. This blog has provided a professional record of my teaching...

Week 4 with Canvas

It has been a slow and exciting week for me with Canvas. I had a session booked with David Norton from Instructure UK, to go over a handful of Canvas features. What I have learnt is that there really is a great team and a lot more support behind Canvas than I was aware of. The session with David followed a conversation via Linkedin and here we were, two instructure getting a personal thirty .... Read more and bookmark.

Word Mania within Literacy Planet

I will keep this simple, here are my top five reasons to get involved with Word Mania 2017 (WM) and to review Literacy Planet (LP).   See for yourself – play Word Mania. Demo at the bottom of the page.   Set up time is exceptionally quick for Admins (all part of the service). Learner start up is quick. “Word Mania Starter Kit” is excellent; further more class, .... Read more and bookmark.

Two brilliant teachers

World Teacher Day from a Headteachers view was rewarding and positive. From a personal perspective I was quite taken aback by the teachers comments. Tim Whitmore Tim Whitmore was a brilliant teacher in the classroom. We loved Sport and PE. I say we, our table. The class loved-liked PE, somewhere on that continuum. It has a lot had to do with Tim’s passion for the duller unit. Tim loved .... Read more and bookmark.


I hope our staff knew just how much they are appreciated, if not, I hope they do now. Today (Thursday) we passed on all the messages of thanks and appreciation that we had collected from parents and students to our staff (well almost)*. With further messages of recognition sent from our National Support Office and our Regional Principal. We added a small token of appreciation to staff pigeon .... Read more and bookmark.

Chris Moyse opens #TLT17

Chris Moyse opening to this years 5th birthday #TLT17 was a wonderful mixture of sense, encouragement and personal sharing. Quite unreflective of a student characterised as having     His talk was backed by a wonderful and diverse reading list, years of experience and many many professional intereactions with schools.   The core message, a humble and realistic message, of .... Read more and bookmark.

Complexity, Trust and Mistrust

What is trust? I know. Tell me. I knew… (overheard) I am not a Complexity Theory expert, however, modelling complex personal and social interactions seem to be the business worlds yearning. In reflection, I felt I got a lot from the Leading at the Speed of Trust session, it felt tangible and I felt in control. Where the separation of interrelated things into individual components – .... Read more and bookmark.