Leaving the flight deck


Having a strategy, having a destination, is not enough. You need to have a timeline that shows when each of these steps will take place, and when each prototype will become more solid, should they prove successful. These tools enable the leadership to leave the flight deck, and let teachers, students, parents and other teams get on with their jobs, confident in the turns they take. Ewan .... Read more and bookmark.

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Learning observations – ironing out the creases


With Hattie on side – we started designing the new learning observations. Influenced by Lesson Study, we were aiming for a more practical and informative approach to observations. An approach that moved away from observing “teacher performances” to co-planning, observing and reporting back to teachers, pupils learning in the lesson. A conversation exploring the expected .... Read more and bookmark.

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Learning observation – change the lens


Few are mourning the loss of graded lesson observations. Following the grading storm, the clouds are clearing, with approximately a quarter half of schools having moved away from grading lesson observations, unofficially that is. High up on an inaccessible shelf, in SLT offices across the country, the red shoes of the graded lesson observations can be seen protruding from under the yellow .... Read more and bookmark.

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