Thinking, doing, Diploma


There is a time for thinking and a time for doing. We have been learning and thinking a lot about values, virtues, character, badges and Diplomas. Now we are moving towards the doing. With the support of Alex Pearce we have taken our Office365 deployment and built a simple Diploma framework. All our students a provisioned (auto-enrolled) and assigned to their tutor groups. All tutors have .... Read more and bookmark.

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Lean Marking

3d illustration of a clock floating in the center of a large red and white lifesaver on a reflective surface

Teaching Maths this year has demanded that I develop my knowledge and my craft, encouraged me re-evaluate my thinking on assessment (progress, performance and interleaving) as well as increasing my appreciation of my colleagues. Not being a subject specialist has it’s obvious limitations, I know I am missing the maths sparkle, how much am I missing? Teaching Maths has really .... Read more and bookmark.

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Preloaded QuickKey answer sheets


It is been a while – but then again, I’ve been busy. Senior leader responsibilities take up the lion’s share of my work time, however teaching Maths has been a real highlight for me, with a fair few frustrations too through in there too. With more concrete knowledge / assessment in Maths than in English or PE, I have been tripped up on more than one or two occasions. .... Read more and bookmark.

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