More on GCSE reforms

When considering the 1-9 scales and fractured or phased introduce there are some interesting additional points raised by FFT. We are reminded that the “intervals between GCSE grades are not identical” and yet we still apply a consistent points scale (A*=58, A=52, B=46 and so on), we are provided with the distribution of grades, useful for any data head. Finally the team at FFT pose .... Read more and bookmark.


RSS Junkie #sltchat delivered

I am, and have been for a long time an RSS feed junkie (even my colleagues make fun of my addiction). On a more serious note, it means that all the information I need, personalised professional development is delivered to me (to you, to you phone / email inbox). Most sites have RSS feeds, the BBC, DfE, most blogs and if they dont you can make feeds out of almost any content. I use Feedly to .... Read more and bookmark.


Non examined assessment (in PE)

Arrangements for a number of new GCSE, A level and AS qualifications are “in train.” Awarding Organisations are preparing the content, Ofqual overseeing the assessment. On the issue of assessment, “controlled assessments” or “non-exam assessment,” it has been in the Ofqual crosshairs for a while, since the Ofquals report back in June. The conclusion is .... Read more and bookmark.


New and Improved GCSE grade system?

The Easter holidays? Holidays seems a little misleading, what with assessment announcements, policy documents and student revision sessions. What are we looking at? The current seven-point (A*-G) system will be replaced with a new nine-point scale. Crucially, Ofqual is / will be consulting on just how the boundaries will fall. There will be greater differentiation amongst the highest .... Read more and bookmark.


What is the right way to teach, Mr Wilshaw?

Teacher: What is the right way to teach, Mr Wilshaw? Teacher: You mean there is no right way to teach? Really? But there is a right way to inspect teaching? Why did you not say so early? Teacher: Oh you did! Right? What is the right way to teach inspect teaching, Mr Wilshaw? Sir Michael Wilshaw’s frustrations regarding inspection reports and inspector judgements on the quality of .... Read more and bookmark.

Data Wall

Data Wall – EM

The data display I have referred to most often recently is our Data Wall. It is far from complicated on the surface to understand, though there is plenty of Excel wizardry behind the scenes to make it work. Both the hard graft and the design is the work of Jon Adams, our Director of Assessment, and it is as effective, as it is colourful. The perfect tool for directing the conversation between .... Read more and bookmark.