New for 2016-17

I joined The Wellington Academy in January 2013 as the sole Vice Principal “at a difficult time” with the educational provision being in a “considerable state of disarray.” A new Principal took the helm in September 2013, by which point two further Vice Principals…..

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I am continuing my work and interest in Question Level Analysis (QLA) or “gap analysis” using Peter Atherton’s (@dataeducator) excellent Exam Feedback Tool #EFT and more recently with Austin Booth and Flexassessment. Question level analysis (QLA) explores and presents the…..

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Staff performance

Each year I research and tackle an education issue, primarily to refine and broaden my thinking. Back in 2014, I started investigating the negative consequences of graded lesson observations as a contributing measure to Performance Related Pay (PRP) and Performance…..

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Cultural capital

A new line for leadership enquiry for the second half of the 2015-2016 year was how school leaders develop cultural capital, through promoting Character Education, values and virtues within a school to both staff and students. With my appointment as…..

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Latest Blog

Commitment and respect

As a teacher, I was always looking for inspiring narratives to challenge and inspire young people to be better, braver more determined. I curated a Youtube play list and created a “Challenge and Inspire” page on this blog some five years ago. I am still…..



The conversations around #TLT16 have been thriving today. David Fawcett and Jenn Ludgate are fantastic organisers, Southampton University grand hosts and the many presenters that prepare the sessions deserve an honable mention (I know I enjoyed mine). This year, I…..


More hamster wheel than spinning plates

What does it say about my leadership that following the start of the new headship post, it has taken me three weeks before I’ve been out to set aside time to write my first post? (That is not to say that…..


SEF checker

Four weeks into the 2016 academic year and the leadership team were finalising amendments to the Self-evaluation framework (SEF). Various senior colleagues had written their leadership contributions with the final draft being knitted together. At the time, I wrote these notes and saved…..