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Half baked ideas

As I have said, Southern Rocks 2018 ate my homework spare time. My Feedly account was ladened with unread posts (circa 200). I had largely ignored this blog. I had initially thought that my own personal professional learning had, perhaps, stalled. Two weeks on and I am reconsidering that view. …

Our refined ‘why’

Post Southern Rocks 2018, David and I have refined our thinking for what Southern Rocks events should be about. We have refined our “why.” Part our reflections, part attendee feedback and part response to the excellent Teachwire post. Planning ‘engaging activities’ is a waste of time – and 6 more …

Teachers for teachers

July 2018 David and I made a commitment. Understanding the inherent challenges of our profession*… you are no doubt familiar with the list, we agreed to convene an “event” that would hopefully bring together and amplify the positive voices in education across sectors. Not to drown out the very obvious …

Southern Rocks 2018

Posting to this blog has come almost to a standstill. For good reason. Whilst in only my forth term as a Head Teacher, with the energetic support of David Rogers, we have decided to host Southern Rocks 2018 #srocks18. When I am not focusing on the duties of being a …