Difficult conversations


You think I would have learnt by now… ‘Strike while the iron is hot’ or ‘now, is not always the best time to act.’ The subtleties of leadership, perhaps management is more appropriate here. Regularly we are faced with the decision to act and lead or accept and move on (possibly to revisit). As teachers in the classroom, middle and senior leaders in school, as .... Read more and bookmark.

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What makes great teaching? Over Trusting?


If I am unsure of my own opinion, I search for comment and perspective from a huddle of trusted educationalists. Educationalists kind enough to unravel their own thoughts and practices online, open to us to read and challenge. Alex Quigley and Shaun Allison had already written up their Sutton Trust summaries. Tom Sherrington and John Tomsett (gallivanting global trotters, invited to the .... Read more and bookmark.

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Knowing our students


Significant accountability*, curriculum and assessment reform is impacting upon our schools. There is barely pause for breath before adding careers guidance reform, the SEN Code of Practice, [breathe] pay and conditions reform is front with centre and capital funding rarely removed from the review / todo list. It is reassuring that government is engaging “closely and constructively .... Read more and bookmark.

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