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Winter term and the 400m

The winter term is much like a 400m race. It is exceedingly difficult to make up for a poor start (though not an unforgiving as the 100m). There is the need to maintain and control your speed. Teachers can’t afford to rely on the anaerobic system alone, you can not power your way through til mid December without recompense. Successful sprinters adhere to a technical model, efficiency .... Read more and bookmark.

Southern Rocks 2018

Posting to this blog has come almost to a standstill. For good reason. Whilst in only my forth term as a Head Teacher, with the energetic support of David Rogers, we have decided to host Southern Rocks 2018 #srocks18. When I am not focusing on the duties of being a Head teacher, I am working on the conference. On Saturday I reflected on a busy week. 317 emails, 10 school walks, 6 positive / 2 .... Read more and bookmark.

ZOOMing – our second parent webinar

Our first ZOOM “Getting to grips with GCSE” to parents was relatively successful. To be expected, we made one or two errors, learnt one or two things and the trial prompted one or two ideas. Second time around we provided a longer lead in time to the start of the presentation. Arriving fifteen minutes we welcomed attendees and used the time to show attendees around the ZOOM .... Read more and bookmark.

ZOOM – our first parent webinar

Providing parents with timely, useful information, is one of the tasks all schools face. How, when and where, delivered by who? Are key questions. For our how, we decided to use ZOOM meeting, a web-based VC platform. (though I see there is ZOOM webinar). Our organisation has a PRO account, £11.99 a month, however even the FREE account offers up to 100 participants, with a 40 minutes limit .... Read more and bookmark.


Oct 21st – Schools Week published Karen Wespieser’s “Why is the good cpd always on the weekend?” An article that Karen noted had reignited the debate on weekend CPD. With an open door, here is my two cents. I think Karen may have under egged the pudding and I wrote to her to say so, more of that at the close. Firstly, bringing a “buzz” to school CPD would be .... Read more and bookmark.