New for 2017
Two terms A year into the role of Headteacher, I have learnt more than I had expected. It is a real privilege to have responsibility for a school, it's staff and students (equal first). I write...
Cultural capital
A continuing line for leadership enquiry - how school leaders develop cultural capital, through promoting Character Education, our Values and virtues within a school to staff, students and parents and our stakeholder community.. Students in Years...
Staff performance
Each year I research and tackle an education issue to refine and broaden my thinking. Back in 2014, I started investigating the negative consequences of graded lesson observations as a contributing measure to Performance Related...
About Me
I don't wish to waste your time, so let's cover the essentials. My Linkedin profile provides a professional overview, experience, qualifications, honours, awards and endorsements. This blog has provided a professional record of my teaching...

Pigs and chickens

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed. It looks like you could be new here, so thanks for dropping by. If you are indeed returning, then welcome back and if you are a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe RSS feed. Thanks for visiting. .... Read more and bookmark.

ZOOMing – our second parent webinar

Our first ZOOM “Getting to grips with GCSE” to parents was relatively successful. To be expected, we made one or two errors, learnt one or two things and the trial prompted one or two ideas. Second time around we provided a longer lead in time to the start of the presentation. Arriving fifteen minutes we welcomed attendees and used the time to show attendees around the ZOOM .... Read more and bookmark.

ZOOM – our first parent webinar

Providing parents with timely, useful information, is one of the tasks all schools face. How, when and where, delivered by who? Are key questions. For our how, we decided to use ZOOM meeting, a web-based VC platform. (though I see there is ZOOM webinar). Our organisation has a PRO account, £11.99 a month, however even the FREE account offers up to 100 participants, with a 40 minutes limit .... Read more and bookmark.


Oct 21st – Schools Week published Karen Wespieser’s “Why is the good cpd always on the weekend?” An article that Karen noted had reignited the debate on weekend CPD. With an open door, here is my two cents. I think Karen may have under egged the pudding and I wrote to her to say so, more of that at the close. Firstly, bringing a “buzz” to school CPD would be .... Read more and bookmark.

Big education – Andreas Schleicher

Learning is not a place but an activity. Thursday Prof Andreas Schleicher officially opened OneSchool UK’s Teacher Academy, Warwick. As Headteacher, at OneSchool’s Hindhead Campus, we were invited and I for one, was more than an little excited. Education is awash with statistics. The DfE and inspectorate, more often than not, largely base their judgments of schools upon the .... Read more and bookmark.

I am not prepared to tell him… yet

Back in September Dylan Wiliam wrote “The nine things every teacher should know.” Last night, Phil Stock The Best Laid Plans 101 reasons why lessons go wrong. In mischievous mood, I thought I’d see what wriggle room there was in Wiliam’s post. I forecast that I will live to regret this decision. Picking a fight with Wiliam on teaching is like picking a fight with the .... Read more and bookmark.