1000 years of experience

1000 year old tree

Chris Chivers was, for a long time, a smiling avatar on Tweeter. A voice of common sense and thoughtful provocation, and I anticipate, persuasive prowess. Walking in opposite directions, down the corridor at #TLT14 (Southampton University) we paused and offered our, I-recognise-your-face-from-Twitter introductions. Chris smiled, we chatted and we went on with our conference. A .... Read more and bookmark.

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Technology and me


Simon Warburton tagged me in on a staffrm.io ice bucket challenge type of post. Here is my reply. What’s your earliest memory of technology? We had an 8 track in the living room and I thought it was really very cool. After that it would have to be my one-person yellow Pac-man game. What bit of technology frustrates you most? Probably our Virgin Media box. Our recordings keep losing the .... Read more and bookmark.

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Graded lesson observation – life sentence


We are right back at the a-h guilty list of graded lesson observation and Performance Review questions. Well almost. We pick up at c).  c) what might replace graded lesson observations and d) whether or not lesson observations should be a part of Performance Review (“graded” obviously removed), and e) whether or not lesson observations (graded or otherwise) should be a .... Read more and bookmark.

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School Inspection Update 1


Eggstra, eggstra. Look – it is not easy finding a feature image for a post on the School Inspection Update 1 and British values you know. Today I heard from a colleague, senior leader and Ofsted inspector, that he really felt that Ofsted, the organisation, was really opening up to the profession. We are no debating the purpose, reliability or accuracy of inspections here, rather the .... Read more and bookmark.

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