Meet Snip


Meet Snipping tools big brother Snip (a pretty slick BETA release). I am a daily user of the Snipping Tool, the scissors lasso thing for quick rectangular (and free-form snips which I have never used), window and full screen captures or snips with handy after-snip highlighter and draw tools. Capture a section / scrub a bit of highlighter on to show what the issue is and then ask X Y or .... Read more and bookmark.

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Assurance of exams


I am not rushing to the defence of the exam boards, the perennial “results day” articles* rarely fail to direct some meagre attack or critique towards them. This year, the exam boards have put forward their own infomercials,  here and here, to reassurance their various audiences. Furthermore, this year the spectre of yet more reform looms as Nick Gibb’s criticisms .... Read more and bookmark.

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2016 GCSE Assessment Objectives


If you are a Curriculum Leader and have not yet seen the proposed Assessment Objectives (AOs) for your subject, then I recommend you do so. These AOs should act as the signpost rudder for your new KS3 curriculum, to ready pupils for the new GCSEs in 2016. art and design computer science citizenship studies dance drama food preparation and nutrition music physical education These are AOs that .... Read more and bookmark.

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Annedroids – captivating science


The backstory – our children, Harry (6) and Freya (4) both enjoy being in charge of the tv remote. TV has become very much on demand viewing with both children preferring to watch their recorded shows (series link offers hours of viewing) or their preferred channels. Now we have a “smart” tv connected to our wifi, the custodian of the tv remote has become self-appointed ruler .... Read more and bookmark.

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