Quick Key responses


Our Quick Key teachers team at The Wellington Academy is growing. We are now four, hoping to attract members from all nine curriculum areas. Our successes (insightful feedback for pupils, delivery feedback for teachers) and reclaimed marking time appear attractive motivators for our staff to get involved. This coincides with “Assessment Without Levels” (AWL) and our intention .... Read more and bookmark.

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Outperforming Team

Outperformance: the ability of an organisation to achieve results that are consistently better than a chosen peer group. The are no shortage of Sir Dave Brailsford MBA, CBE, fans. His ‘marginal gains*’ approach to leading success is simply unpicked in  this ‘Investors in People’ article. Well worth any aspiring leaders time. 1. Recruit the best people. Brailsford indicates that the .... Read more and bookmark.

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More, for the more able and disadvantaged


School leaders know data in their schools, they may most probably how their school data compares to National data benchmarks. More recently schools leaders have been directed to explore the gaps within their school. Then there are data specialists and / or analysts who know data, and some know data and education. Gifted Phoenix is one such education policy analyst, Tim Dracup is happens to .... Read more and bookmark.

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Quick Key Geography


As we move to a Kay Stage 3 curriculum without levels, teachers across the land are devising learning “journeys” with appropriate assessment activities. Complete with… …lessons rich in assessment opportunities in the short term that progressively build towards agreed standards. Meanwhile, back at the rockface, together with a handful of staff at The Wellington .... Read more and bookmark.

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