New for 2017
Two terms A year into the role of Headteacher, I have learnt more than I had expected. It is a real privilege to have responsibility for a school, it's staff and students (equal first). I write...
Cultural capital
A continuing line for leadership enquiry - how school leaders develop cultural capital, through promoting Character Education, values and virtues within a school to staff, students and parents.   Students in Year 7-9 were explicitly taught...
Staff performance
Each year I research and tackle an education issue to refine and broaden my thinking. Back in 2014, I started investigating the negative consequences of graded lesson observations as a contributing measure to Performance Related...
About Me
I don't wish to waste your time, so let's cover the essentials. My Linkedin profile provides a professional overview, experience, qualifications, honours, awards and endorsements. This blog has provided a professional record of my teaching...

Week 3 with Canvas

It has been a busy week here at school and we still managed to find time for Canvas. More thinking time than action, equally important. Our Teaching and Learning lead has eployed Canvas as a platform for… learning about our teaching model and… learning about Canvas. I certainly support the notion that course designers benefit from appreciating the perspective of a student. Apart .... Read more and bookmark.

Grey clouds and silver linings #wtd17

The National Audit Office finds vast majority of secondary school headteachers feel the government is failing to help them with high-quality teacher recruitment. Before the ink was barely dry on that headline, a survey of 1,023 ex-teachers commissioned by the DfE found that 75% of ex-teachers cited workload as the reason they quit the profession. Changes in policy or initiatives by the .... Read more and bookmark.

The single most important thing for teachers to know

Cognitive load theory was recently described by British educationalist Dylan Wiliam as ‘the single most important thing for teachers to know’ (Wiliam 2017).   My longest ever blog post title is not a professed assertion, rather a quote from Dylan Wiliam. . Cognitive load theory (CLT) seems to be the topic of the year. Signposted by Greg Ashman a few times in recent months, mentioned by .... Read more and bookmark.

Filling in the gaps

This week my commute was been filled with two leadership podcasts (and the Tes Podagogy podcast with Dylan Wiliams). Two podcasts from two nonagenarian leaders with a combined 183 years life experience, over at Finding Mastery. Both John Nordstrom and Dr Albert Bandura were as sharp as a tack and their responses deliberate and sage.Even the podcast titles suggested .... Read more and bookmark.

Week 2 with Canvas

This week I attended our staff CPD session, hosted in a blended environment. Most of our teachers were present, some are part time. Hence a session available via Canvas is just the ticket.   The instructor delivered a short and light hearted presentation (the Powerpoint is now recorded with audio and now available on Canvas) and set out three short activities. A couple of readings, a .... Read more and bookmark.

Week 1 with Canvas

It has been a relatively positive pre-teaching week as far as Canvas is concerned. Beyond making the course look attractive, it is about thinking, learning, and the learning with can orchestrate for our students. I have tended to readily design my own learning assets and resources and signpost or upload links, audio and video. More recently, I have recognised that the students on the course are .... Read more and bookmark.