Making Sense of Data - overview

Leading data – what might it look like?

In preparation for the ASCL Workshop I revisited a visual diagram of leading data I have been building, rebulding and adding to as I work with the data team at The Wellington Academy. This is where I am at currently. It is an animated slide that maps the school principles, government policy, leadership and practice. Any thoughts? It is the first slide of the short presentation I gave to ASCL .... Read more and bookmark.


Leadership of Data ’14

Any day that starts with bacon baps has a potential to become a good day. The ASCL Leadership of Data most certainly turned out to be a “good day,” more importantly it was an informative and insightful day that will impact on how we forward plan at our school. The conference opened with a warm welcome from Peter Kent – ASCL President and Headteacher at Lawrence Sheriff .... Read more and bookmark.


Fairness vs Equality an educators conundrum

Fairness vs Equality an educators conundrum. Should all students be treated fairly or equally? Every teacher, in every classroom, regardless of context, wrestles with this conundrum. The much hailed consistency would appear to endear itself with equality and as a result where does that leave fairness? After all, students not contribute equally, students do not contribute ‘as much of what .... Read more and bookmark.


Wrestling crocodiles

What is more important than the quality of teaching in schools? It is a difficult question to avoid when you are part of a school leadership team, not that you would want to avoid it any how. It is a question I frequently revisit and discuss with two senior leader colleagues with whom I car pool most days. Worryingly, the 10hrs we spend in the confined space of the car is probably greater .... Read more and bookmark.

Every thing

Tutor and INSET planner

Too often this academic year my colleague has had to redraft the tutor plan. In my role as lead for CPD, too often I have created Professional Development lists, scrutinising the lists to make sure I have not forgotten someone, somewhere. And now, I present to you, the “ever reducing drop-down list, as you assign staff to a category” spreadsheet. As staff are used, they are .... Read more and bookmark.