New for 2017

One term into the role of Headteacher, I have learnt more than I had expected. It remains a real priviledge to have responsibility for a school, it’s staff and students. As for the murmuration background image. Leadership theory and practice continues…..

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I am continuing my work and interest in Question Level Analysis (QLA) or “gap analysis” using Peter Atherton’s (@dataeducator) excellent Exam Feedback Tool #EFT and more recently with Austin Booth and Flexassessment. Question level analysis (QLA) explores and presents the…..

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Staff performance

Each year I research and tackle an education issue to refine and broaden my thinking. Back in 2014, I started investigating the negative consequences of graded lesson observations as a contributing measure to Performance Related Pay (PRP) and Performance Management…..

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Cultural capital

A new line for leadership enquiry – how school leaders develop cultural capital, through promoting Character Education, values and virtues within a school to staff, students and parents.

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School teacher shortages worsening

Schools attempting to recruit will have a view of the Education Committee Report. The landscape depicted is rather bleak. In the foreground are newsworthy headline issues such as National Funding, workload, initial teacher training and recruitment. A positive inclusion –…..

Education hotchpotch

Post its, emails to self, photos, bookmarks. Originally this blog started out as a thinking skip. A place to collect my thoughts and off load. 1,648 posts later and I am still making good use of that facility. Teaching is…..

SENDCOs and more

In my new role, I am able to recognise the work of our SENCO, far more so than I have been able to in previous roles. Here is what I have observed; The role is truly diverse. Even more so…..

Helping one to help many

Like most schools, we know that flourishing requires more than academic ability. At our school, we have OneSchool Skills  (Academic Achievement, Leadership, Involvement, Fulfilling Potential, Management skills) and I am keen to offer, develop and recognise these skills and students…..