Camping and caravanning


Last Easter, ‘we’ planned to go camping. That is, together with my family, two colleagues and their families, we booked two nights camping at Birchwood Tourist Park, in Dorset. The trip served two aims. Scheduling a getaway gave us something to look forward to during the traditionally tough third and fourth terms. Second, it was a commitment to putting our families first. .... Read more and bookmark.

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Perspective and work-life balance


Early leadership courses spoke of “maintaining a work-life balance.” I really did not “get” the concept. Balance was not observed and reflectively, as a consequence I am not sure I ever took my foot off the pedal. Therefore, I am not confident that I ever hit the peak performance, the type of performance achieved following tapered training. This equally applies to .... Read more and bookmark.

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Building character and resilience in every child


I am sure you will be well aware of yesterday’s White Paper release. In particular, I was interested to read Chapter 6 “Building character and resilience in every child” P94. Though the paper persists of linking Character traits with British Values, both knowledge / academic curriculum and Character development is deemed sufficiently important and a focus for future education .... Read more and bookmark.

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Digging up the roots of SDL


Where would you start when charged to learn more about Self-Directed Learning? It is hard to avoid the irony. Google? Youtube? Google Scholar? Textbook? Amazon maybe? Did you ask someone? I started, as many of you would, via Youtube. Sat in front of our smart television, searching via Google Talk, mirrored from my phone to the television. Despite efforts to frame self-direction in a .... Read more and bookmark.

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