Preparing for 8z5maths

Maths on the high street

As with almost all good teaching, the starting point was planning. I reviewed the class lists, investigating the pupils prior attainment (KS2 and Y7), attitudes to learning and maths strengths and weaknesses. I followed up on the “educational flags” and sought feedback on the best strategies to support key pupils. Check / done. From there I moved onto the Key Stage 3 resource pack .... Read more and bookmark.

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Meet Snip


Meet Snipping tools big brother Snip (a pretty slick BETA release). I am a daily user of the Snipping Tool, the scissors lasso thing for quick rectangular (and free-form snips which I have never used), window and full screen captures or snips with handy after-snip highlighter and draw tools. Capture a section / scrub a bit of highlighter on to show what the issue is and then ask X Y or .... Read more and bookmark.

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