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Stars – C grade folders

Our growing number of students with C grade English coursework folders successes are being shared with students through the Miss Odell stars. Simple and effective. Now with two doors covered, we are moving onto wall space. Well done to all those staff and students. The second striking set of images are the Year topic banners the team are posting, refreshed each term. Striking and reinforcing .... Read more and bookmark.


GCSE ebacc chance graphs

With the release of the interactive transition matrices last week, the breaks in the weekend was spent investigating the national data sets. Trying to learn from what the data was telling us.* Curious where the borderline C grades were achieved, and potentially lost, for English and Maths students in particular. English Prior .... Read more and bookmark.

andreas Schleicher

Adding meaning to Pisa

This post is for any school leader or data enthusiasts with a quirky interest in macro education data. Most dataheads are comfortable with school and even national data. Andreas Schleicher, Special Advisor on Education Policy to OECD’s Secretary-General, is comfortable with world education data, analysing and benchmark international education performance data. This #ASCL2014 Keynote could as .... Read more and bookmark.


U turn on interactive transition matrices

Back in February I was chasing down the interactive transition matrices. After a fruitless email exchange it was met with the rather disappointing response from Raiseonlne. Dear Kristian, Thank you for your email. I am sorry to say that the interactive transition matrices are not going to be updated for 2013 due to resource capacity. The static transition matrices are available from within the .... Read more and bookmark.

Michael Wilshaw

Ofsted – horizons

It is easy, for instance, to mistake commitment for accomplishment and enthusiasm for excellence. They are not the same. – Sir Micheal Wilshaw My experience of the last two Ofsted inspections has been largely positive. The inspection teams were open, challenging and supportive. Far from the Hammer Horror anecdotes posted on teacher forums and bemoaned in hash tagged streams of .... Read more and bookmark.

revision grids

Revision idea

Just a revision idea borrow from the staff at Kings Langley secondary School. Take the key subjects and break them down into ten simple revision topics. The idea is to then print them out and send to parents and carers to post on the fridge. The pupils then stamp or cross off the topics as they are complete them, with loyalty card style rewards for completing subject lines. We’ve added an .... Read more and bookmark.