Knowing our students


Significant accountability*, curriculum and assessment reform is impacting upon our schools. There is barely pause for breath before adding careers guidance reform, the SEN Code of Practice, [breathe] pay and conditions reform is front with centre and capital funding rarely removed from the review / todo list. It is reassuring that government is engaging “closely and constructively .... Read more and bookmark.

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We do not need another ‘how to write effective MCQs’


As I wrote previously, there are five million hits on ‘how to write effective MCQs.’ We do not need another ‘how to’ post – of that I am sure and yet that is almost what I am about to do. Only a slight side step – here are a few, more general and hopefully thought provoking points I have learnt about MCQs and the statistics behind improving exam design from .... Read more and bookmark.

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There is more to MCQs than you think


I have been growing more interested in Multiple-choice Questions or (MCQs). It started off as a QuickKey interest but it has become much more than that. If I thought I might be a edugeek, this pretty much confirms it. An unhealthy interest in assessment and MCQs is unlikely to make me a highly sought after dinner guest. Reassuringly, I am not the only MCQ enthusiast. Exams watchdog Ofqual .... Read more and bookmark.

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