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Bright future ahead

The final few minutes…

Leavers assembly… The final few minutes of twelve plus years in compulsory education. In this past seventeen months [the time I have been at The Academy], this is what I have observed? Here at The Wellington Academy, staff don’t want you to be just great students, staff want so much more than that, so much more for you. The Academy has presented you with excess of opportunity, and so .... Read more and bookmark.


Office Mix – Take 2

So the Team keeping an eye on Office Mix dropped me a line. Thanks for sharing the mix! We’d love to work with you to get this into a featured mix. Sure, why not?! Admittedly the Powerpoint needed a little work…but the other of a slide designer was a little strong. The team followed up with an offer of slide design support (I didn’t think the design was all that bad) and a .... Read more and bookmark.

Final assembly 2014 thoughts

Is that time of year again. Preparing the Y11 leavers assembly. I’m thinking about the advice we have shared with students up until this point and the supportive words that would help them drive to the finish line. Words that were unique to this group. Don’t put your wishbone where your backbone should be. Chase your talent, not your passion. Passions change. Just the seeds of ideas .... Read more and bookmark.


Endless learning curve

As teachers we are also on the lookout for inspiring self development comments. I don’t think they come much better than this. The legendary cellist Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practice at age 90. “Because I think I’m making progress,” he replied. As poignant as it is simple. .... Read more and bookmark.


Office Mix – Take 1

Authoring with Office Mix really was straightforward. I plugged in a cheap (freebie) webcam, headset and mic, opened a familiar Powerpoint presentation resource and cracked on. The Mix tab was simple enough. Click “record” and use the arrow icons to move through the slide animations, adding the teaching points as you go. I throw in a few pregnant pauses (although students can pause .... Read more and bookmark.