Leading graded lesson observations part 2


We were moving forward with a fairly standard graded lesson observation form. The top section gathering the contextual information of the class/lesson and current progress of the pupils. The form was then divided into four key sections. “Learning and Progress1,” – what the pupils are learning and how thy are progressing over time, despite my own reservations .... Read more and bookmark.

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Leading graded Learning Observations – part 1


For the past two years, within our Academy’s context, I have over-seen the move from a graded “Lesson Observations” schedule to a distributed graded Lesson Observations and Professional Development and Support” programme (LOPDS). When I arrived, all previous observations had been conducted by the VP with a responsibility for Teaching and Learning and her senior .... Read more and bookmark.

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Graded lesson observation – guilty as charged


With graded lesson observations in the dock, accused of being wholly ‘unreliable,’ the jury’s verdict a for gone conclusion, were left waiting for the judge’s sentence. Meanwhile, I was a) reflecting on my professional experience of graded lesson observations, b) wondering when grading became part of the process, c) what might replace graded lesson observations and .... Read more and bookmark.

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Graded lessons observations – internally isolated

Some might think that I have given far too much consideration to the “whys and where fors” of graded lesson observations this past fourteen or so months. If not graded lesson observations, then Y11 pupil academic FFT(D) targets set as performance objectives certainly comes a class second. And with those two opening statements, I can see my two trusted, seniors leader .... Read more and bookmark.

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