The custard campaign


This is my second year Championing the “Cover it in Custard” campaign. We delivered the session to all Year 11 pupils (yes, all of them) Friday Period 5 & 6. It was set up as a mix of team building, thinking tasks and CUSTARD slides, scored using the new Tripticoplus scoreboard. If I am honest, the session did not go as well as I had hoped. I made a few scoring mistakes and .... Read more and bookmark.

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Helping parents, help students, helps you


In previous years we have held parents and carer workshops on “How to help your child revise.” This year, with Y11 parents evening our Principal asked if we could put some resources together to help them, help their child revise. With something old, something borrowed (@shaun_allison) and something new (a new forgetting curve), I have created a small pamphlet for the class of 2015s .... Read more and bookmark.

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All those in favour of a College of Teaching

Britian's Prime Minister David Cameron Visits North London Schools

With the humility to accept that the #hashtag #worldclassteachers was and little too long, engulfing 18 characters of any potential discussion, the afternoons opening presentation began. Quality teaching is the single most important school based factor determining how well school pupils achieve. Few would argue with that statement, apart from the keynote speaker at a Teacher Leadership .... Read more and bookmark.

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