Cultural capital post-it


I have read, watched and consumed a fair quantity of values, virtues and character content in the past month. By chance, I stumbleupon an up coming FutureLearn (MOOC) course “What is Character? Virtue Ethics in Education.” Character heavyweights contributing to the course include Professor James Arthur, Professor Kristján Kristjánsson, and Gary Walsh, Headteacher at Kings .... Read more and bookmark.

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A lesson in cultural capital or not?

honor roll

Keeping in mind that “we are a long way from knowing precisely ‘what works’ in terms of specific approaches and programmes,” (Gary Walsh) I am trying to define my own framework for Values based Education. Ian Morris has confirmed with me the need to explicitly teach virtues. I would think educationalists such as Daisy Christodoulou would agree. Students can of course explore .... Read more and bookmark.

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Alternative provision with Catch22


Alternative provision to mainstream describes the education offered by The Ashwood Academy for a good proportion of their students. Intensive provision for the remaining students may be a better description. You might expect me to offer a reflection on how behaviour is managed, however I want to focus, as the staff do, on the teaching, learning and assessment. Although I have mentioned is .... Read more and bookmark.

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The wonderful Mrs Murphy

Three days into my visit at The Ashwood AP Academy and what are the stand out take-aways or observations so far? The Academy has a strong “family” feel, partly due to the fact that it is a relatively small staff body on a relatively small foot print but also because the staff are tightly knit and recognise the need to be so. Staff are welcoming, very supportive of one another, .... Read more and bookmark.

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