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Wrestling crocodiles

What is more important than the quality of teaching in schools? It is a difficult question to avoid when you are part of a school leadership team, not that you would want to avoid it any how. It is a question I frequently revisit and discuss with two senior leader colleagues with whom I car pool most days. Worryingly, the 10hrs we spend in the confined space of the car is probably greater .... Read more and bookmark.

Every thing

Tutor and INSET planner

Too often this academic year my colleague has had to redraft the tutor plan. In my role as lead for CPD, too often I have created Professional Development lists, scrutinising the lists to make sure I have not forgotten someone, somewhere. And now, I present to you, the “ever reducing drop-down list, as you assign staff to a category” spreadsheet. As staff are used, they are .... Read more and bookmark.


Why SchooliP?

7 months ago I wrote an endorsement for SchooliP, about our first impressions of their product and shared that with the team. Back in early December we had invested approximately 30 hours of staff time getting to know SchooliP and we could already begin to forecast its value to our organisation; lesson observations – definitely, improving and supporting teaching – definitely, PRP .... Read more and bookmark.


Shared SMSC Calendar

Right, so I have built SMSC calendar compiler in Excel. Simply add the dates, the category (SMSC) and the events in one worksheet… And it is compiled in the second worksheet as a calendar. Change the month, it updates. Here is the link to the hosted version. Add generic dates we could all do with promoting, such as World Book Day, faith dates, Remembrance Day and so forth. Don’t .... Read more and bookmark.


A rather RACI #Edfest

Look, I will be brutally honest with you, there was very little that was raci “racey” about my #Educationfest though there was a good deal that was of value and two, as yet, unanswered questions. RACI was just an acronym I picked up and it made for a much more intriguing post title. The very fact I bothered at all, implies to me at least, that I am a better writer (and English .... Read more and bookmark.

Leadership vision

Wellington Leadership Institute

Our invitation to our first leadership seminar shows benefits of being part of a “team.” The growing family of Wellington schools, now six, now enabling more centralised training and collaboration (though understandable that the Chinese school weren’t present this time), under the umbrella of Wellington Leadership Institute. Founded on the core values of Wellington College: .... Read more and bookmark.