Blended Content and Assignments


It does feel a little strange, to be writing and reflecting about my own thinking on, designing blended learning content and assignments. Somewhat Shutter Island.  The reading this week was rather general so I thought I would use the questions to frame my response an d in doing so, I created a new assessment model. See what I mean – Shutter Island. In what experiences (direct or .... Read more and bookmark.

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Can you spot a good teacher from their characteristics?

Mary Poppins

A red rag of a headline if ever I read one. Reel me in Professor Rob Klassen. The summary of the article can be gleaned from the comments. These can be summarized as, “of course teaching is more than academic pedigree,” and “there is insufficient reference to the context within the scenario-based question.” Interesting, there was a sense of defence from the profession .... Read more and bookmark.

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This Triptico activity will self destruct in…

Oh my word… how did I miss that! Create an activity in TripticoPlus and now the share options provide a way for you to publish your activities for preparation, review or as a practice/homework task in two simple steps. No need for students to sign-in to the website or create an account – just launch and learn.  Think Mission Impossible… create, share, and in 24hrs it .... Read more and bookmark.

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Blended assessment


The #Blendkit2016 infrastructure and planning provides a strong base from which to develop the course. The next focus point is assessment, though I personally believe that the assessment should be considered before you even start to design the course. In fact, how the various types of discussion, assessments and assignments you intend to employ, accurately measures the learning outcomes .... Read more and bookmark.

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