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Wiltshire Partnership – NQT Training Programme 2014/15

This afternoon the Wessex Partnership convened our first NQT meeting, bringing newly qualifies teaches from three local schools together to share their journey into the profession. It was a real privilege to meet with the various staff from across the county, to be a part of a relatively modest group of school leaders who see value and benefit in collaborating. We started with a short video as .... Read more and bookmark.



Marvellous: Stoke City kit man Neil Baldwin’s biopic I have only read about Marvellous, but I expect I watch the BBC drama after reading the response online. Then Stoke City manager Lou Macari asks Neil Baldwin (kit man) How do you do it, Nello? How do you stay so positive? Without a beat, Neil turns to the footballing legend. I always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be. It’s .... Read more and bookmark.


Plickers – fast ARS

The first ARS or audience response system I encountered was Quizdom. Correct keypad answers pushed racing cars towards the finishing line. They were a pretty penny back in the day but ARS take on many forms these days, many enabled over wifi. In theory that is great, especially as many students have smart devices close to their hearts, though school wifi policies are not always as easily .... Read more and bookmark.

Making Sense of Data - overview

Leading data – what might it look like?

In preparation for the ASCL Workshop I revisited a visual diagram of leading data I have been building, rebulding and adding to as I work with the data team at The Wellington Academy. This is where I am at currently. It is an animated slide that maps the school principles, government policy, leadership and practice. Any thoughts? It is the first slide of the short presentation I gave to ASCL .... Read more and bookmark.


Leadership of Data ’14

Any day that starts with bacon baps has a potential to become a good day. The ASCL Leadership of Data most certainly turned out to be a “good day,” more importantly it was an informative and insightful day that will impact on how we forward plan at our school. The conference opened with a warm welcome from Peter Kent – ASCL President and Headteacher at Lawrence Sheriff .... Read more and bookmark.


Fairness vs Equality an educators conundrum

Fairness vs Equality an educators conundrum. Should all students be treated fairly or equally? Every teacher, in every classroom, regardless of context, wrestles with this conundrum. The much hailed consistency would appear to endear itself with equality and as a result where does that leave fairness? After all, students not contribute equally, students do not contribute ‘as much of what .... Read more and bookmark.