Returned with interest


It is no secret, I am a fan of TripticoPlus. It really does inspire “Imaginative Teachers.” We put our money where our mouth is and pay for the subscription for any staff member at The Wellington Academy that wants one, many do. More staff recently, now that you can share resources with your colleagues. Today, I put my professional reputation behind Triptico and submitted an .... Read more and bookmark.

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Quick Key – Assessment in September


With our Key Stage 3 Assessment Outcomes reverse engineered from Key Stage 4 Assess Outcomes we have gone onto designing our long-term plans or progression grids for “Assessment Without Levels.” A number of our Curriculum and Subject Leaders are now focusing their efforts on outlining their assessment protocol. Now, the early and innovative work of a handful of teachers within .... Read more and bookmark.

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What works, worries me.


The responsibility of leading “Teaching, Learning and Assessment” is a Goliath responsibility. Individually, Teaching, Learning or Assessment all present bespoke challenges, dilemmas and opportunities. Collectively, we can all agree, they impact upon one another. That the inter-play between them is obvious at times, yet subtle, even camouflaged, at others. Hence the recent .... Read more and bookmark.

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#TLT15 the draft promo


Last #TLT14 was an amazing PD event. It was here I bumped into the great and the good; teachers, leaders, educationalists and supportive companies contributing to a day. Not to mention the significant efforts of the organising team. Tom Sherrington opened the batting with his accustomed aplomb. Kev Bartle galvanised my efforts to remove graded observations (check). A brief conversation with .... Read more and bookmark.

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