Lest we forget

The Wellington Academy serve its immediate community. Around 40% of our intake are children of service families. The Academy has military representatives on its governing body and a growing number of staff come from a service background. The Academy also operates a well established Combined Cadet Force with its own purpose built facilities on-site. The availability of state boarding means, .... Read more and bookmark.

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FFTaspire Conference


I would like to thank Marc Davies for the invitation to attend this years FFTaspire Conference. I have today, put on record my appreciation to the FFTaspire team. I noted their teams openness and receptiveness to our feedback (occasionally frank or forthright) and our various feature enhancements. For exmaple, the need to share the FFTaspire development roadmap so that we can align our .... Read more and bookmark.

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WomenEd 2016 – promo


This is just a short post. Or repost with a little added reflection. I have a huge amount of admiration for those that people that put themselves out for the benefit of their professional community. I can think of numerous colleagues and various examples. I could list many, however if I were to miss any one of them out, that would be a mortal leadership sin (like missing a solitary .... Read more and bookmark.

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