Who is Daniel Kahneman?

Daniel Kahneman

I had seen the name “Daniel Kahneman” via TED some time ago, though knew little about him or his work. I then saw a handful of retweets signposting a Guardian interview with Kahneman and clicked through. Perked by the Guardian article I bumbled around internet reading and watching Kahneman content. There was certainly not a shortage of it. Clearly an eminent man and sought after .... Read more and bookmark.

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Quick Key


Planning what we are going to assess, rather than how we are going to assess has taken up the lion’s share of my time. The sheer weight of curriculum reform has done little to alleviate teacher workload. One reason we are continuing our work with Quick Key and pursuing our interest in diagnostic questioning. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to be formally invited by Walter Duncan .... Read more and bookmark.

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Thinking curriculum

no u-turn

I have been reflecting on our curriculum a lot recently, from a range of inter-related perspectives. Vision and values, the accountability framework, teaching (always from a teaching, learning and assessment) and funding perspective. More recently from a curriculum construction and timetable scheduling, I am currently reading Keith Johnson’s Timetabling Cookbook. Most recently, from .... Read more and bookmark.

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Camp Google


Just a quick sign post. It is a long summer break is the USA. As the America teens are running out of enthusiasm for pretty much everything, Google has stepped up and this week released a virtual Camp Google (ending early August) aimed at children 7 to 10. It’s a stella backroom team; Khan Academy, the National Park Service, National Geographic Kids, and NASA. Just the right team to .... Read more and bookmark.

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