A new role, at a new school, in a new sector.

I joined Hamble Community Sports College as an aspiring senior leader, to a department is complete disarray. I joined The Wellington Academy “at a difficult time” and I originally joined my new school as an education consultant, following a period of leadership instability and the meagre of two school campus. The period of consultancy gave me the oppportunity to look under the bonnet before talking on the role.

Together with a nearly appointed leadership team, I have set out aims. We are responding to a national reorganisation, we are in the middle of significant site buildings work and at the same time, building a school leadership infratstructure. A leadership structure with three focus points.

  1. Systems and processes – Simple and clear
  2. Staff – Relationships and expectations, retention (and development) and recruitment
  3. High quality teaching, learning and assessment –Pitched to the top. High expectations. High quality local professional development.

Underpinned by consistency.

This is the school culture I am attempting to build. How am I going to do it? Well, it is a significant School Improvement Plan, based on a Self Evaluation based on a new Inspectation framework.


Lead yourself, lead your superiors, lead your peers, employ good people, and free them to do the same. All else is trivia. – Dee Hock


The year included a DfE Material Change visit and laterly a SIS full inspection. A rewarding experience we a number of affirming comments and judgements. T

Focus School Hindhead Campus benefits from outstanding leadership, management and governance which have driven forward substantial improvements within a short period of time.

The quality of education 2

Pupils’ personal development 1

Safeguarding pupils’ welfare health and safety 1

Leadership, management and governance 1