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Compelling Leadership – part 4

I’ve not let go of compelling leadership. I’ve not let go of my interest in developing trust in my leadership. Here is my daily reminder.   From Compelling Leadership, to Francis Frei to Radical Candor™. Radical Candor™ is the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time. Radical Candor will help you and all the people…
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10 Jun ’18 0

Oxytocin – trust chemical

The good news – experiments around the world have shown that humans are naturally inclined to trust others. The bad news, they don’t always. Back to the good news – neuroscience tells us that the amount of oxytocin we produce, predicts how trustworthy we are of others. Not only that, oxytocin increases a person’s empathy, a…
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12 May ’18 0

Trust – CoT Book Review published

Today I received notice that a book review I wrote for The Chartered College of Teaching is now published. It is a refreshed and improve version of a post I wrote back in September – now with added hindsight. Six months on, when I started writing the post, our school (my leadership) was just beginning…
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28 Apr ’18 0

Listen – carefully

Leaders who do not listen, will eventually be surrounded by people with nothing to say. – Andy Stanley Social media flashes up interesting snippets here and there, like the quote above. Given my thinking around communication, it is worthwhile reminding oneself that convening conversations request one to listen, carefully. A quick search for Andy Stanley…
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1 Apr ’18 0

Learning on the move

Learning, developing, refining, broadening my horizons, “staying current” is important to me. Time is precious, a finite resources and if I have learnt anything in my first two years of Headship, it is, how and with whom you choose to invest your time. The only other opportunity is to create time, by empowering those around you. For…
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10 Mar ’18 0

Complexity in school leadership #3

This morning I am reflecting on a years journey, as a member of Canon Teaching School Alliance’s – ‘Working with Complexity in School Leadership’. An investment of six Saturday mornings, over 12+ months, with six participants, spanning a summer break, which I think was well worth the effort. Each session included a session speaker from…
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13 Nov ’17 0