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What Not to Study?

As I have recently referenced, once through the voluminous research on Retrieval Practice and Success Relearning, you find yourself skirting the boundaries of Cognitive Psychology and “Making Retrospective Confidence Judgments Improves Learners’ Ability to Decide What Not to Study,” Robey, Dougherty, & Buttaccio, (2017) is a key paper to read if you have an interest in either…
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Self-assessment – yes and…

It is rarely a good start when, in the opening ten minutes, you read “Without exception, reviews of self-assessment (Sargeant, 2008; Brown and Harris, 2013; Panadero et al., 2016a) call for clearer definitions: What is self-assessment, and what is not?” A Critical Review of Research on Student Self-Assessment – Heidi L. Andrade (2019). Typically, I…
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22 Nov ’20 0

100 questions, set, answered and marked in a lesson

9 months ago, I set about designing a summative review of the substantive knowledge shared in lesson via a “BIG Quiz” that had been supported by retrieval practice routines throughout the term. Setting up the quiz itself, the question-answers for each round (in addition to writing the question-answer prompts). Of course, as with all classroom…
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