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Retrieval more important than revision

At the back end of January ‘10 I was reading the research findings by Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue. In a nutshell, Karpicke’s research shows that practicing retrieval is an even more effective strategy than engaging in elaborative studying. Given that it is now fast approaching revision season, here it…
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18 Feb ’14 0

Physics Marking – fantastic

I am not an accomplished Scientist. I am certainly not an accomplished physicist. But I can full appreciate this piece of fantastic marking and feedback. Step 1 Lesson. Students are taught the content. Step 2 Student sit the mock paper. Step 3 The mock paper is “fast marked.” By that I mean, instead of offering…
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28 Jan ’14 0

Breaking the plane app

Having recently shared a teaching guide of good practice with our staff, I doubt there is anyone that would challenge the need to vary your teaching position, to “room zoom” or circulate at appropriate times. Simple to move out from the stage and into the audience. ‘Sages’ and ‘guides’ and all that. Circulate – Moving…
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13 Oct ’13 0

Puffin Live, or so we thought

I understand the necessity for “rapid” progress however I am equally keen to anchor our progress on durable education practice and for me, there are few more important responsibilities than developing reading abilities. Instilling a love of reading a by-product. In a week where reading for pleasure was reported to offer a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary, a 9.9%…
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14 Sep ’13 0

Defeat, failure, falling and winning

Defeat. Failure. Falling on your face, falling on your arse, are the only things that teach you how to win. – Kevin Spacey The final words of the Andy Murray documentary.

23 Jun ’13 0


Never say never. Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion – Michael Jordan Michael Jordan quote from his speech upon being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 2009. There are only a few MJ quotes I have missed. Boy did I miss this one.

29 Apr ’13 0