Trefoil 24.11.19
Trefoil 24.11.19

Trefoil 24.11.19

Three short reflections

First – if you are interested in the development of trust and discretionary effort with your organisation, I recommend Ted Interview with – Frances Frei.

Francis is a professor at Harvard Business School and talks opening and candidly on workplace culture, expanding on her Ted Talk and why authenticity, logic and empathy are the most vital skills an employee can have. (Audio Only)

Second – back in the classroom, if I am not assessing, planning, designing learning, I am learning. Mainly about Dickens. I was genuinely excited to add the new BBC trailer to my A Christmas Carol playlist.

Staying with ‘A Christmas Carol’ – and third – I provided a link to this Time article on the playlist description.

Yet what Dickens did propose in A Christmas Carol, which he scribbled out in less than two months in the fall of 1843—intending it, in his words, as a “sledge hammer” blow—was still radical, in that it rejected the “modern” ideas about work and the economy.

More specifically, Dickens vowed he would strike a “sledge-hammer blow… on behalf of the Poor Man’s Child.”

In two of 46 assessment responses, students referred to A Christmas Carol as Dicken’s attempt to offer a “sledge hammer” blow to society. I am thinking how I can use this media channel and content even more in my teaching.

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