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Trefoil 22.03.20

As for this unprecedented week – what did I learn? Unprecedented I was reminded of the admiration I have for the professionalism of educationalists, support staff and governors. I recognise how determined school leaders have been, working top and tail of their working day, to support their staff, students and community. I have to recognise…
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21 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 08.03.20

Teaching – Othello Act 3.3 of Othello (or rather the character of Iago) just keeps on getting better and better. Iago is a stunning character, with multiple layers of complexity offering numerous interpretations of his motivations. Along side reading it, watching it, analysing sections of text, our class has enjoyed David Harewood’s commentary and analysis via Shakespeare Uncovered. Today…
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8 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 01.03.20

First week of the Spring term and I welcome the lighter, brighter days (and warmer mornings). Low friction: Chris Moyse via Naylors Natter. This paragraph will make sense once you have scanned the post. First week of a new half-term My third, “first-week-back” after a half-term and as expected, classes were a ‘little bouncy,’ and…
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1 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 26.1.10

Everyone can see in Shakespeare the mirror of their own predicament. The week my Trefoil is definitely dedicated to Shakespeare, closely followed by my teaching colleagues in the English and History Departments. It started with a conversation about Venice and so the dominoes tumbled and spiralled. Firstly – talking about the Shakespeare’s Elizabethan context, I…
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26 Jan ’20 0

Trefoil 20.01.20

With the first meso cycle (10 x 50 minutes lessons) of the new scheme of learning completed, this is what I have learnt / been reminded of this term after assessing my Year 9 students first ‘control-conditions’ writing burst. The three for this trefoil: Reaffirming expectations, setting up the class and the exercise books, (sharing…
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18 Jan ’20 0

Trefoil 1.12.19

It is Wednesday and I already have three entries for this weeks Trefoil (there may well be more, but I sticking to three). Two connected with A Christmas Carol and one from a morning podcast. Today ‘we’ watched the Dickens Theatre Company’s unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol and ‘we’ thoroughly enjoyed it. Two actors…
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30 Nov ’19 0