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Trefoil 20.01.20

With the first meso cycle (10 x 50 minutes lessons) of the new scheme of learning completed, this is what I have learnt / been reminded of this term after assessing my Year 9 students first ‘control-conditions’ writing burst. The three for this trefoil: Reaffirming expectations, setting up the class and the exercise books, (sharing…
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18 Jan ’20 0

Trefoil 1.12.19

It is Wednesday and I already have three entries for this weeks Trefoil (there may well be more, but I sticking to three). Two connected with A Christmas Carol and one from a morning podcast. Today ‘we’ watched the Dickens Theatre Company’s unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol and ‘we’ thoroughly enjoyed it. Two actors…
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30 Nov ’19 0

Trefoil 24.11.19

Three short reflections First – if you are interested in the development of trust and discretionary effort with your organisation, I recommend Ted Interview with – Frances Frei. Francis is a professor at Harvard Business School and talks opening and candidly on workplace culture, expanding on her Ted Talk and why authenticity, logic and empathy…
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24 Nov ’19 0

Sunday Trefoil 17.11.19

A weekly update is proving demanding. Because teaching is demanding (and equally rewarding.) This week I planned, taught, read around the authors of the text I teaching, compiled Youtube Playlists, attended a school Research Group forum on Retrieval Practice (in recognition of the kind support of the Session Lead and partly because I am interested…
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17 Nov ’19 0

Sunday Trefoil 10.11.19

This weeks trefoil reflects the time I have invested in Anki (spaced retrieval learning) app, explores one view of my teaching that is being consolidated and an interesting approach to exam preparation, similar to, but different from a Walking-Talking mock. My recent experiences of teaching full-time have pushed me further along the line that ‘substantive…
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10 Nov ’19 0