Learning on the move
Learning on the move

Learning on the move

Learning, developing, refining, broadening my horizons, “staying current” is important to me. Time is precious, a finite resources and if I have learnt anything in my first two years of Headship, it is, how and with whom you choose to invest your time. The only other opportunity is to create time, by empowering those around you. For that I have Michael Abrashoff to thank (ironically, an audio book I listened to on my commute). Staff now quote back to me, in slightly sarcastic, I have heard it too many times now… “if it doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t put a students at risk, make a decision.”

This week, unforeseen tasks have more than stolen any “unscheduled” time, the modest buffer I keep for “urgent work.” As a result, I have been less available, less receptive and it has not gone unnoticed. I know I have been busy when my feed-reader (news delivered to me) is bulging with 150 unread feeds (optional professional learning). On Friday, I hung “meeting in progress” door handle. I am aware of my “absence” and will be present next week, for my colleagues, for the students as best I can.

Even still, in these overloaded weeks, my commute offers me time to think, to reflect, to listen and learn. There are some excellent podcasts out there, on demand listening content.

For sports leaders and school leaders with a sporting interest, I can highly recommend Micheal Gervais’s interview with former England Rugby coach Stuart Lancaster, (currently back coaching, as opposed to managing and leading, with Leinster Rugby).  A conversation that explores how Lancaster handles stress pressure, develops resiliency, and builds team culture.

One thing I was taught in leadership was to be self-aware. Learn about yourself first before you think about leading other people.

To build a long-term, high-performing team, I believe culture becomes before performance, not the other way around.

Weekly updates on education news TES Podcast, Education thinking TES podagogy – here an excellent example from Dylan Wiliam. I have Mr Barton’s maths podcast, though I select which interviews I wish to listen too as these are quite long and Gayle Allen’s Curious Minds to broaden my horizons. Otherwise, I dip in and out of other listening media for example the IOEDebates on Soundcloud and RSA.


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