Half baked ideas – interviewing srocks speakers
Half baked ideas – interviewing srocks speakers

Half baked ideas – interviewing srocks speakers

As I have said, Southern Rocks 2018 ate my homework spare time. My Feedly account was ladened with unread posts (circa 200). I had largely ignored this blog. I had initially thought that my own personal professional learning had, perhaps, stalled.

Two weeks on and I am reconsidering that view. A number of professional conversations are on-going, a number of connections have been reinforced and I have three professional meetings in my diary arising from organising #srocks18. In reflection, I may have set aside this blog and my Feedly reading, however I feel that I now have access to a wider and stronger network of teachers, particularly from the Primary and SEND sectors as well as a handful of new business connections. For that, I am thankful. What is more, co-organising the event meant I was in the privileged position of being able to I meet and chat with some fantastic educators and binge on education conversation over Friday and Saturday. Reflecting on those coversations, I was somewhat in awe of the depth of knowledge and applied experience of a number of my senior colleagues, refreshed by the enthusiasm of others. Perhaps stalled was unfair.

My thinking has now turned to “how to capture and share this knowledge and experience, without over burdening myself, or the teachers from who I was learning from?

One idea is to interview some of the #srocks18 session leads and the #srocks19 session leads, in a voxpop style, asking some core questions and some more personal questions? 30 speakers, one a fortnight, would create an on-going yearly commitment? That should be achievable? That is one idea. Not that I have a clue about how to create a podcast listing. Maybe a Youtube channel would be easier and engaging?

The other idea is to collate and curate a wider audience’s thoughts and opinions on a number of education issues, curated around a common format? The premise has already be proven, #movemeon was an excellent example. “Which issues” and “what format” are still be to determined.

Which issues? I was planning to look at everyday teaching and then perhaps review the education discussions highlighted by the various hashtag chats, #sltchat . Plenty to go on here.

What format? I have a few thoughts on this already. The format needs to encourage reflection on the part of the contributor and then those reflections need to be accessible to the readers.

That is as far as I have got right now. I plan to work on the second idea in the first instance. Here is hoping you will be willing to contribute your reflections, experiences and suggestions?


The first two questions are now ready. The form works and sends a copy of the response to the teacher.

New questions keep on popping into my head and the list is getting longer.

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