Always learning


Always learning

25 Aug ’17 Teaching 0

Post exams, the final weeks of August sees the annual “welcome to the profession” and “best advice” posts and tweets.

I often share the “#movemeon” publication – a collection of crowd sourced and curated suggestions covering (activities, behaviour, classroom management, environment, feedback, getting better, organisation, staffroom and technology) from 60+ teachers. It is eight years old, but there are some crackers. What teachers knows work is relatively consistent.

The final message, is possibly the most important.

Dont try to implement all these ideas at once! And go easy on yourself if you think you fall short. Teaching is a hard job. @Jonesieboy  (then Head of Maths, now Deputy Head.)

I dip into these posts from time to time. Hat tip to Doug and Stuart – the original edu-activists.

Then there are the ideas that have been posted recently. I liked and have paraphrased these two.

To help clam and centre students, start the class by asking them to take their own pulse. Children cannot count in their heart beats and talk at the same time.

Then there was the teacher who bought a circular rug in IKEA and designated it as her ‘silent spot’. Now all she has to do is step onto it, and her children settle down to listen.

Lastly, something a little more complete and wholesome; Shaun Allisions post on “Getting off to the best start with a new class“.


Getting off to the best start with a new class


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