Our refined ‘why’
Our refined ‘why’

Our refined ‘why’

Post Southern Rocks 2018, David and I have refined our thinking for what Southern Rocks events should be about. We have refined our “why.” Part our reflections, part attendee feedback and part response to the excellent Teachwire post.

  • #Srocks is about teachers in classrooms, telling their stories. We are not ignoring leaders / leadership, rather prioritising teachers.
  • Supporting “emerging voices” was a viewpoint highlighted by Teach Secondary. We welcomed that viewpoint and aim to uphold it.
  • We aim to be aware of and support fair representation of teachers.
  • We want teachers to feel truly appreciated. To be able to influence the event. To feel that attending was fully worth the effort and use of the discretionary time. To offer great sessions, the warmest welcome and for attendees to feel listened to.

I would say, that David shows more restraint and a stronger moral adherence to our values. Working with David has definitely encouraged me to be a better headteacher.

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