Literacy stairs
Literacy stairs

Literacy stairs

Take an unloved, unnoticed space. Some colourful laminated subject key words and a can of carpet adhesive and you have a guerrilla display.

Week one, first flight. Week two second flight. Week three? We are not sure if less is more.

2014-02-06 08.47.19

And Chris, you will have to believe me, ‘specificity’ takes pride of place on the top stair.

WWW – For anyone that is worried, or concerned, the laminated words passed the “mopping the stairs” test (as ratified by our Sports Centre manager).

EBI – If we had considered which words were more difficult to spell and placed them in the stairs that would be read the most; probably those in the students eye line. The top 4 or 5 stairs on each flight perhaps. Ordered or random, who knows?


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