Word Mania within Literacy Planet
Word Mania within Literacy Planet

Word Mania within Literacy Planet

I will keep this simple, here are my top five reasons to get involved with Word Mania 2017 (WM) and to review Literacy Planet (LP).


See for yourself – play Word Mania. Demo at the bottom of the page.


    1. Set up time is exceptionally quick for Admins (all part of the service). Learner start up is quick. “Word Mania Starter Kit” is excellent; further more class, student, parent guidance is provided.
    2. Play is simple. Almost no rules / guidance required. Our accounts were up within the day, playing students were learning/playing within minutes. Though online, offline tasks and worksheets are be considered and provided. IF – this is still not comprehensive enough, the support team are understanding and responsive. David Weston is professional determined to make sure you have what you need.
    3. WM is “FLUN” – fun learning, guerrilla learning. Performance gains are visible and communicated to learner. Students want to invest their time in improving their performance. These are opportunities for protected interactions, fuelling motivation. Learner are rewarded with a currency they want to spend. Both participation and skilfulness / word dexterity is reward
    4. The team behind LP have hard evidence of the platform from Australia and now case studies from UK.I am more interested in analytical as opposed to anecdotal evidence, so I am heading over to the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University, who have been working with the team. (Replicability of sight word training and phonics training in poor readers: a randomised controlled trial). What I do know is that students points improved by 36%.
    5. Once you have invested your time setting up the platform, students have invested their building words, you get the benefit of strong student usage analytics, reward certificates and more.


What is crazy, is that we have hardly mentioned Literacy Planet and that Word Mania represents just 10% of what is on offer with LiteracyPlanet.


I have no commercial or vested interests in LiteracyPlanet but I do like chatting to David Weston, their Commercial Director.

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