Week 4 with Canvas
Week 4 with Canvas

Week 4 with Canvas

It has been a slow and exciting week for me with Canvas. I had a session booked with David Norton from Instructure UK, to go over a handful of Canvas features. What I have learnt is that there really is a great team and a lot more support behind Canvas than I was aware of. The session with David followed a conversation via Linkedin and here we were, two instructure getting a personal thirty minute lesson.

David Rogers (Hindhead Campus colleague and fellow Canvas pioneer)  and I had chatted a little about the role of groups and how this might work to promote cross campus conversations, how peer feedback and multi-peer feedback looks from the students perspectice and lastly we wanted to know a little more about schedulers. David was brilliant. Knowledgeable and honest – if he didn’t know (which wasn’t often) he told us so.

What David did not know about groups, really was not worth knowing. The main learning point here was our conversatoins over manually versus automatically assignment students.

Via David display installation he was able to show us the students view of peer feedback and multi-peer feedback, highlightly how rubrics may be utlised. He even knew about the pending ideas over at Canvas Studio for the addition of self-assessment rubrics.  An idea currently in “Product Radar.”

We talked a little about a few UX challenges for novice learners using templates with which he has some experience. All round, a very useful 40 minutes and much appreciated.

Then, somehow, I get a message from “Community Panda” emailing me from Stefanie Sanders laptop?

I’ve stolen her computer…again! She hates it when I do this!

To cut a long story short, I have been asked to contribute to a CanvasLIVE event called “Community Showcase” on November 1.

“Sure, why not.” I said. “On what?”

As I mentioned earlier, the subtopic we have in mind for you centers around your “Beyond Attractive.” blog post.

“Okay. Time zones permitting.”

That left me food for thought. I could remember what Beyond Attractive was about. I had to re-read the post.

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