More Quest at #SLWTC
More Quest at #SLWTC

More Quest at #SLWTC

Another opportunity to work with Alex Warren (@alexwarren) and introduce teachers to Quest at the #swltc technology conference! There is only so much you can share in one session, so I have uploaded the presentation, would recommend you visit and the tutorials wiki for more idea. Any teachers that would like to contribute games or students work, please get in touch with @Alexwarren.

5.3 is in the oven! With a bunch of new features.

Grid-based map (sponsored by Phillip Zolla)

  • Changable POV (sponsored by Phillip Zolla)
  • Game log (sponsored by Phillip Zolla)
  • Customisable object link colour (sponsored by Phillip Zolla)
  • More room description options (by James Gregory)
  • Light and dark rooms, light sources (by Pertex)
  • HTML output now rendered using Chromium instead of the currently installed version of Internet Explorer


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