Commitment and respect
Commitment and respect

Commitment and respect

As a teacher, I was always looking for inspiring narratives to challenge and inspire young people to be better, braver more determined. I curated a Youtube play list and created a “Challenge and Inspire” page on this blog some five years ago. I am still adding to that collection.

Read any “stepping into headship” type article, book or howto, and communicating through assemblies will almost definitely be on the todo list. Last week I shared the boy who harnessed the wind, I look forward to sharing the two latest additions below, one on commitment and the other on the more difficult topic to resource – respect. A word or warning, you can not help but be moved actions of Sergeant Mrk Dolfini.


Alessandro “Alex” Zanardi is an Italian professional racing driver and paracyclist.  Ex Forumla 1 driver Zanardi had to give up the sport because of a deadly crash on 15th september 2001, after which both his legs needed amputation. But setbacks don’t stop winners from achieving glory. Zanardi re-invented himself, refused to give up – becoming a Paralympic star and also getting behind the wheel of a race car again. On 16th september (exactly after 15 years) he won Gold medals in the H5 category road cycling men’s time trial and mixed team relay, and also silver in the road race. After his Paralympic victory Zanardi commented

Normally I don’t thank God for these type of things as I believe God has more important stuff to worry about. But today is too much. I had to raise my eyes and thank him. I feel very lucky, I feel my life is a never-ending privilege.



Respect is better exampled than it is discussed.

12-year-old Cody Green always admired the strength and courage of the U.S. Marines. Last month, it was the Marines admiring the strength and courage of Cody. To honor his undaunted optimism and long-time struggle with leukemia, during which he beat the cancer into remission three times, the Indiana fifth-grader was made an honorary Marine.

On the evening of Friday, April 28th Cody’s lifelong fight was finally coming to an end. It was then that Sergeant Mark Dolfini chose to give Cody a very special gift. Attired in his full dress blue uniform the Marine Sergeant took his post outside the dying young man’s room and remained there –on guard– from 7:00 PM Friday night till 3:30 AM the next morning. Sergeant Dolfini only left his post because he felt it was time for the family to be alone with Cody who eventually passed away later that day.

Semper Fidelis – always faithful.


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