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Promoting positivity on social media, a number of posts, memes, broadcasts trickle past on my timeline. Here is one such post worth sharing on teamwork with practical reflections. Teamwork A teacher brought balloons to school and asked the children to blow them all up and then each write their names on their balloon. Balloons, permanent…
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22 Mar ’20 0

Drive to the finish line

GCSE exams typically begin around the second week in May 2019. Whatever your standpoint on booster sessions or Easter revision programmes, do whatever “little extra” it is that you do. Me, I find interesting stories and I write assembly. Shortly after I joined The Wellington Academy in January 2013, I was asked told to lead…
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27 Mar ’19 0

Swen Nater

On a number of occasions I have shared assembly gems. Precious stories and fables that I stumble upon listening to various podcasts and reading RSS feeds. This week – I met Swen. I say met, I was introduced to the life journey of Swen Nater on the way to work whist listening to Finding Mastery:…
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29 Jun ’17 0

Commitment and respect

As a teacher, I was always looking for inspiring narratives to challenge and inspire young people to be better, braver more determined. I curated a Youtube play list and created a “Challenge and Inspire” page on this blog some five years ago. I am still adding to that collection. Read any “stepping into headship” type article, book or howto, and communicating…
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24 Oct ’16 0

The final few minutes…

Leavers assembly… The final few minutes of twelve plus years in compulsory education. In this past seventeen months [the time I have been at The Academy], this is what I have observed? Here at The Wellington Academy, staff don’t want you to be just great students, staff want so much more than that, so much…
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26 May ’14 0

Final assembly 2014 thoughts

Is that time of year again. Preparing the Y11 leavers assembly. I’m thinking about the advice we have shared with students up until this point and the supportive words that would help them drive to the finish line. Words that were unique to this group. Don’t put your wishbone where your backbone should be. Chase…
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11 May ’14 0