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Get ’em thinking #1

It started with a random conversation about thunks with @JOHNSAYERS. An flurry of thunk style questions and prompts followed. There is of course the thunks website but the call for some quirky questions was also too much to resist. @kristianstill love that!! — JOHN SAYERS (@JOHNSAYERS) December 9, 2012 And then a few other Twitter colleagues commented and…
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11 Dec ’12 0

Space Dive

You can not afford to miss this programme.  Space Dive – a one-off documentary, Space Dive tells the behind-the-scenes story of Felix Baumgartner’s historic, record-breaking freefall from the edge of space to Earth. It is the entire STEM curriculum shrink wrapped into 90 mins. Science, Technology, Engineering and enough purposeful Maths to sink an average sized school. And…
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17 Nov ’12 0

Felix Baumgartner

Our Director of Progress gave a strong performance to an unsettled upper school audience this week, using the story of Felix Baumgartner to underline the importance of purpose and self direction. This evening, whilst listening to the television, I worked-up his slides as a way of showing my sincere appreciation for the way he handled that…
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20 Oct ’12 1

Here, I….. Go.

Yesterday, at the SLW technology conference, the dinamic duo of Oliver Quinlan and Pete Yeoman opened the conference. As part of that opening presentation they showed a short headcam video of a young girl commentating on her first 60m ski jump. It really is fantastic as shown by the comments, all 1,837. The ‘Here I…
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5 Oct ’12 1

IF is a big word – it’s just literature

Why should IF be considered by English Departments? Many thanks to the delegates in the workshops at #CASWales12 for really exploring this question with me, it was a topic of debate in both sessions. The simple answer is that it really is just literature on steroids. The more complex answer… well I am hoping my English…
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25 Jun ’12 1

Learning Game Design

Another great RSS link, another great TED talk delivered by a disruptive, thoughtful and adventurous educator, Paul Anderson; backed up by his website and a YouTube channel overflowing with flipped style tutorial videos.   A lot of what Paul promotes reminds me of both what ‘The Escapist‘- as was and the 3D Gamelab are trying to promote and who know’s,…
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17 Jun ’12 0