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51 Ways to Introduce Learning Objectives

During the very dynamic seminar from Claire Gadby’s – ‘Proving Pupil Progress’ a colleague posted question, well, it was more of a request really. If you know of more exciting ways to introduce a lesson objective then I would be interested to know. Seeing that as an opportunity I set arbitrarily posed a target of…
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19 Oct ’11 2

Are Lesson Plans Flawed?

I have been reflecting  a lot this week on lesson planning and design as I am teaching a new subject for the second year in succession. The time required to create NEW resources, and learn NEW knowledge can be exhaustive (although I am somewhat reassured that having “advanced content knowledge” is worth only 4weeks learning,…
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11 Sep ’11 1

Virtual Experiments

The Virtual Experiments Team @ Southampton University has launched a new website and several new virtual experiments. The new website found at now features various electronic computer science and chemistry Virtual Experiments that can also be embedded in various learning platforms. These experiments may be a little too advanced for main the 11-16 curriculum but…
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8 Aug ’11 0

Using Feedback as the Lesson

Before I get to the ‘Using Feedback as the Lesson’ post, there are a couple of pedagogical reflections / questions I wish to highlight / discuss with you and hopefully, as its the holidays, you might comment? A recent research study by Durham University would suggest that quality feedback from teachers is more effective in…
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31 May ’11 1


This one is doing the rounds and I completely see why. @chickensaltash (Dan Roberts) @gideonwilliams and BBC Radio Present Scott Mills all recommend it. Its a simple game you can play with wikipedia and it even has its own page. The rules are pretty straightforward, start on one page and get to another, seemingly totally…
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19 May ’11 1