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Visual inspiration

Visual inspiration

Reading in through my Google Reader, the concept of ‘marginal gains’ has cropped up a few times lately, and quite rightly so. We know that success is not all ‘big boulder’ stuff. So here is another small marginal gain suitable for any classroom or office door, courtesy of Adam Dachis, Senior Writer and Art Director at and a little editing effort on my part. publish some fantastic, visually inspiring artwork under the banner of quotables. I have been collecting and displaying these in my lessons for some time and thought I should ask on everyone’s behalf if we could make better use of these little gems.

On Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 2:08 PM, Kristian still wrote:

Hi I’m a teacher and love the ‘quotables.’ Can I put some of the images together and share them through the school as a poster without being in breach of any copyright issues. Thanks. I know you probably get hundreds of emails but would want to do things right.

Kristian Still

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To which Adam Dachis replied…

Hi Kristian

Absolutely!  We allow all our content to be used for free if it’s not for profit, but even if we didn’t I would keep it a secret since this is for education. 🙂

Adam Dachis

Senior Writer and Art Director

So, with the copyright light glowing green, here are twelve wall papers stitched together to make one seriously impressive display. Below is a scaled copy of the full size poster (7000 x 5000) made up from a series of smaller Lifehacker quotables. Which card is your favourite?

The main poster is then broken up into three smaller door posters that you will be able to comfortably print A3 and look sharp. These will be available as they are ready. Thanks Lifehacker, thanks Adam.


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