Students Escape from Bryon Bay
Students Escape from Bryon Bay

Students Escape from Bryon Bay

The #Quest community is growing. The Twitter list is expanding, the ideas between education collaborators is being tested and refined.

It was a priviledge to support @MrAHeard through his first game. I must admit he was able to bring a level of coding / logistics to game creation that I do not yet possess, but I was able to support him with playing and debugging his game. For example, putting an object into a jacket his player was not wearing. Discussing commands vs verbs. Using narrative clues and nuisance to support game play.

Allen’s game, ‘Escape from Byron Bay’ was then swiftly uploaded to for all attempt, including his younger brother on 18 Feb 2012. The guantlet thrown down, I played (and debugged the game) feeding back in-play comments to Allen via Twitter. One or two ‘puzzle parts’ were made a little simplier, the odd continuity flaw was corrected but he kept the same great game play you might expect but a seasoned text adventurer such as Allen.

It is a fab, quick fire, introduction to Quest. Allen’s Digital Leaders really enjoyed it. Two pairs of Yr 7b1 students (with a little coaching) played and escaped, a handful of Yr11 students played, complained about ‘thinking too much’ always a good thing, but escaped.

Thought it was good when you got into it, made me want to finish it first and complete it. Good for testing logic and problem solving skills. 🙂 – Dan

Frustrating that you had to keep going round the map trying to get back where you wanted to go. Makes you think too much and gets you thinking – Saphron
Fustrating, stressful as it was getting confusing on where to go and what to open. good that it makes you think more and that it isnt just simple – Levi

So, maybe its time you set aside a reading session to playing Quest? Isn’t about time you or youtr students visited and tried to escaped from Byron Bay? Can you beat 18 minutes?

A bustling tourist attraction is turned on its head when a medical company makes an error. Bryneli-Med staff flee leaving you to face more than the music. Can you solve the puzzles and escape from Byron Bay.

It seems to be doing well, played online 108 times, downloaded 7 times. There is appreciation for you.


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