Mr Curson – you made my day

IF is getting growing, one converted enthusiast at a time but it is tweets like these two below that keep you moving forward.

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I do hope that we get to play his game.

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3 Replies to “Mr Curson – you made my day”

  1. Funny.. I never got twitter the 128 char limit is brutal.. Same reason I don’t really post to facebook.. Could you imagine an entire IF game written with only 128 char descriptions? Best of luck with your story, I still haven’t started my first IF project yet.

    1. With Quests new web editor maybe you will have fewer reasons (or even excuses) to not get started. Not the best grammar on my part!

    2. Plus I forgot to mention, the idea of a quickfire interactive fiction title, one hundred and twenty eight characters or less – I think would be pretty cool game to play. After watching one of my Yr8 students play – I think they would like the idea of less narrative and more intuitive play. On the other hand – as a teacher – reading and writing is good.

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