Mr Curson – you made my day

IF is getting growing, one converted enthusiast at a time but it is tweets like these two below that keep you moving forward.

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I do hope that we get to play his game.

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  1. tthomas

    Funny.. I never got twitter the 128 char limit is brutal.. Same reason I don’t really post to facebook.. Could you imagine an entire IF game written with only 128 char descriptions? Best of luck with your story, I still haven’t started my first IF project yet.

    1. Kristian Still

      Plus I forgot to mention, the idea of a quickfire interactive fiction title, one hundred and twenty eight characters or less – I think would be pretty cool game to play. After watching one of my Yr8 students play – I think they would like the idea of less narrative and more intuitive play. On the other hand – as a teacher – reading and writing is good.

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